May 31 — round table “How to make friends with neighbors in a new house: neighborhood communities and who creates them”

Life in the house is not limited to the walls of your apartment, and it’s good when there are people around with whom you want to communicate. For people in new buildings, the neighborhood community can be especially important because it helps them adapt to a new environment faster, find support and help if necessary, and develop new friendships. It helps to strengthen interaction between neighbors, create a sense of belonging to a particular area and maintain a safe and friendly environment. We will discuss how to form a neighborhood community in new buildings so that it is organic and created with the participation of all stakeholders, such as developers, management companies and residents themselves, at a round table.

Questions for discussion:

    What is a neighborhood community and why should it be created?
    What role is assigned to initiative residents in the formation of the community? How can they be identified at the stage of community formation?
    Should a developer or management company be involved in creating a strong and friendly community in new areas?
    How should roles and responsibilities be distributed between the developer, the management company and residents for effective interaction in new areas?
    What kind of infrastructure can help residents create and develop a community?
    How can residents be encouraged to take an active part in the life of their area and the formation of its culture?
    What are the best practices of forming neighborhoods based on the experience of other districts of St. Petersburg, other cities of Russia or countries?

Housing developers, management companies, and representatives of neighborhood communities are invited to participate in the round table.

According to the results of the round table, it is planned to publish on the website.

The round table will be held at 12:00 on May 31, 2024.

For questions of participation, please contact: Nadezhda Dolgopolova, , tel. + 7 (981) 749–48–63


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