LCD Rotterdam: Moscow life in European style

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An illustrative example for the capital of the balance between form and function, work opportunities and the comfort of personal life, industrial architectural and design motifs and the almost suburban comfort of public spaces

ЖК Rotterdam: московская жизнь в европейском стиле

According to economic dictionaries, an ideal product is “always a liquid, highly profitable, sometimes irreplaceable market product capable of satisfying a specific human need, in demand and having supply.” However, there is another, much less cumbersome and more understandable definition: at the heart of any ideal product is the idea that allows it to be successful.

At the dawn of the Moscow real estate market, when the main task was to provide buyers with a sufficient number of square meters, apartments and residential complexes, the idea underlying the development business was extremely simple: build non—stop, the more the better. Gradually, the market became more or less saturated, quantitative indicators began to fade into the background, and public spaces, an infrastructure menu, and interesting sets of options turned out to be in the center of developer attention, allowing you to make your stay in the metropolis truly comfortable (it was then that the slogan “We offer you not square meters, but a lifestyle” was born).

Today, the approach, thanks to which many companies have even formed their own product lines, remains. But, as noted in the FGC group of companies, two points are becoming more and more important in it. First, it is necessary not only to beautifully declare the appearance and internal content of the residential complex, thereby creating a buying frenzy around it, but also to realize everything promised in reality, so that later you do not have to blush — neither the developer for his project, nor the buyer for his choice. And secondly: when coming up with various chips for comfort-class houses, and even more so business-class, it is important not to overdo it — that is, to provide the object with high attention from buyers, not to lose, but ideally to increase the profit of the developer and at the same time remain in the price category, which the CA understands and accepts without hesitation.

The Rotterdam business class residential complex, which FGC Group is building on the banks of the Moskva River, a few minutes’ walk from the Nagatinskaya metro station, is just an indicative example for the capital of a balance between form and function, working opportunities and the comfort of personal life, industrial architectural and design motifs and the almost suburban comfort of public spaces, such replicas of natural Dutch landscapes.

ЖК Rotterdam: московская жизнь в европейском стиле

Photo: Press service

In general, the city of Rotterdam itself is called nothing else than the architectural polygon of the Netherlands. During the Second World War, the city center was severely damaged, and it was decided not to restore it, but to rebuild it, inviting the most interesting architects to work and allowing them to experiment, practically without limiting their imagination. Since then, many outstanding buildings have appeared in the city: according to someone’s figurative definition, the expressive architecture of modern Rotterdam is a kind of lemonade that the Dutch made from lemon.

It is clear that from the complex bearing the name Rotterdam, first of all, you expect a special aesthetic precision in combination with non-standard architectural approaches, a certain “future” in combination with European pragmatism. And you’re waiting! For example, the slightly rounded walls of strict elegant residential towers (height from 20 to 29 floors) They not only give buildings an interesting appearance, but also provide specific characteristics: most apartments in the residential complex (more than 60%) have a view of the Moskva River, and for today’s citizens it is worth a lot.

Rotterdam is the first project of the FGC Group, where all 60 types of layouts are presented in euroformat. The apartments have windows 2.4 meters high across the entire width of the rooms, and the window sills are specially understated: the company emphasizes that the shape of the windows was specially thought out in such a way as to maximize the light front. By the way, “a lot of light filling with vital energy” is an important component of the “Gold Standard of the FGC product”, confirmed by Bureau Veritas, one of the world leaders in the field of testing, inspections and certification. A comfortable climate that allows you to feel full of energy, always fresh air, a Smart apartment package with basic or additional options, bright individuality of interiors, complete security, thoughtful landscaping for emotional comfort, convenient services for life — all these are also parts of the “gold standard” applied in the Rotterdam residential complex.

FGC Group is always quite picky in choosing the location of its projects, and in this case the complex is successfully adjacent to the Nagatinskaya Embankment and the TTK, with the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve, the Nagorny bicycle park and the Island of Dreams Park, with the CSKA Arena and the Newton Arena sports and gaming tennis club, with Danilovskaya manufactory” and other business centers… Such a mix makes convenient work, sports, educational, leisure, family, individual — yes, virtually any part of human life. Especially when you consider that the private infrastructure of the LCD is a coworking and outdoor work desks and gazebos, a children’s playground and a kindergarten with 150 seats, a 24—hour concierge service and much more.

ЖК Rotterdam: московская жизнь в европейском стиле

Photo: Press service

As already mentioned, the concept of landscaping is based on images of Dutch cities and, above all, Rotterdam, combining the motifs of an industrial port city and a well-maintained garden city. As a result, the specialists of the Utro bureau created a peaceful landscape in which there is a lot of air and space — with a fountain and a canal, with a field with tulips, and finally with bike routes and covered parking lots for bicycles and scooters, thanks to which it is so easy to feel like a true Dutchman. And in general, the Rotterdam residential complex has tried to offer a lifestyle that reflects mobility, a healthy lifestyle, an ideal ratio of work and personal time and other basic values of modern Europe.


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