In 2023, Russians received 10.6 percent of refusals for Schengen visas

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В 2023 года россияне получили 10,6 процентов отказов в шенгенских визах

In 2023, Russian citizens submitted more than 520 thousand requests for Schengen visas, 448.8 thousand visas were received, and in 10 percent of cases applicants were refused, Interfax reports, based on data from statistics published by the European Commission. Also, citizens of our country were issued 2 times fewer multiple-entry Schengen visas.

In 2022, Russians applied for Schengen visas 687 thousand times, that is, in 2023 there were 24 percent fewer applications. At the same time, the failure rate has hardly changed compared to last year. But compared to 2019, when residents of our country traveled much more before the coronavirus pandemic, Russians received only about 1.5 percent of visa refusals, that is, the share of refusals increased by more than 7 times compared to pre-coronavirus times.

Italy (almost 135 thousand visas), France (about 100 thousand visas), Spain (92.4 thousand visas) issued the most visas. Of these, 49 percent are multiple–entry visas, which is almost 2 times less than in 2022, when the share of multiple-entry visas was about 72 percent.


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