I don’t drink alcohol at all: Anastasia Volochkova sharply responded to rumors about alcoholism

Я не пью алкоголь вообще: Анастасия Волочкова резко ответила на слухи об алкоголизме

Anastasia Volochkova enjoys well-deserved popularity and is one of the most famous ballerinas in Russia. However, she finds herself in the spotlight not only because of her talent in the art of dance, but also because of several conflicts and scandals. She is often credited with alcohol problems and strange behavior.

Volochkova is sure that unpleasant rumors about her are spread by envious people who have not settled their own lives. Such people do not find other activities for themselves, so they are ready to attack and speak out of envy. “Well, it’s great that they wrote something about me, whether it’s about ethyl alcohol or something else. My dear ones, please take care of your own lives,” Volochkova reacted sharply during her participation in the show “Mint Gossip”.

According to the ballerina herself, she absolutely does not drink alcohol. “And I don’t drink at all. I absolutely abstain from alcohol,” the famous actress added.


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