How to make money on the resale of real estate in Turkey?

Как зарабатывать на перепродаже недвижимости в Турции?

Turkey is among the top 20 best countries for real estate investments. This is evidenced by data from the Insider Monkey portal for 2021.

As official statistics show, Turkish housing prices have increased by almost 165% over the year, and this is an important factor for an investor. There are other advantages:

  • low market entry threshold;
  • the constant increase in the cost of objects;
  • high demand for housing in Turkey (developed tourism, average prices for accommodation);
  • well-established processes of buying / selling real estate, protection of transactions by the state.
  • How to make a profit on the objects in the new building?

    One of the best strategies for earning money in Turkey is investing in off—plan real estate, that is, buying an object at the construction stage. Prices for such housing are 15-20% lower, and the cost of finished objects increases by 10-35%, depending on the characteristics.

    What projects should I invest in?

    Before paying for a deal, you need to think carefully about everything. Here are some recommendations:

  • Analyze the market and familiarize yourself with all the offers, spend a significant part of your time on this.
  • Pay attention to the infrastructure inside the house (parking, swimming pools, fitness, spa, hammam, playground, cameras and security).
  • Choose the right location: it is better to choose areas with developed infrastructure for resale (transport accessibility, pharmacies, schools, shopping centers and shops are nearby).
  • The closer the sea is, the faster it will be possible to return the invested money and make a profit.
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