How to book a hotel in Russia • 10 best sites

With the departure of foreign booking systems from Russia, the question arose, how to book hotels in Russia now? From this review, you will learn about Russian hotel and apartment booking sites, tour operators and tour aggregators in Russia. Domestic alternatives to Booking·com and Airbnb with payment by MIR card. Valid discounts and promo codes.

Как забронировать отель в России • 10 лучших сайтов

Websites for booking hotels in Russia

Booking hotels in Russia

All the hotel booking sites in Russia collected in this article are well-established online sites. They have been around for years and have a large hotel base in Russia and the CIS countries.

Ostrovok·ru (Island)

The Russian hotel search and booking platform Ostrovok·ru is similar to Booking·com. There are more than 1.8 million accommodation options on the Island in 220 countries, including Russia: hotels, hostels, apartments.

You’ve probably already heard about the Island, it has been operating since 2008 and has been awarded many professional awards. Due to the mutually beneficial terms of cooperation with hotels, prices on the Island are lower than on the official websites of hotels.

The GURU loyalty program allows you to book hotels and apartments on Ostrovok·ru with discounts from 10% to 40%, the discount amount depends on the level in the program. More travel means more discount.

  • The promo code TPOHOLIDAYS gives a 10% discount on bookings worth from 18,000 to 100,000 rubles, valid until 03/11/2024.

Based on guest reviews, the annual Ostrovok Guests’ Choice rating is compiled — the best hotels are marked with a special icon. The Island’s 24-hour support service solves guests’ problems through the contact center, mail, social networks and messengers.


is a Russian short—term real estate rental service, an analogue of Airbnb, which celebrated 12 years this year. There are more than 265,000 options on the platform daily in 500+ cities of Russia and beyond: apartments, houses, cottages, rooms. New offers from hosts from Russia who previously worked with airbnb are added to the site daily.

The fundamental difference between and sites with private ads is that only verified ads with real guest reviews are placed on this platform. On a daily basis, guarantees its guests successful check—in and secure payment, and favorable terms of cooperation for the hosts.

  • The MARCH promo code for 500 bonuses, apply until March 10, 2024 inclusive

If you have used the airbnb website, you can easily switch to . When registering, you will not have to go through the profile verification procedure with confirmation of personal data. There is a bonus system for daily use, which can be used to pay up to 10% of the cost of living.


Yandex·Travel is a Yandex meta—search engine that searches for hotels across all booking sites and directly. Thanks to this, Yandex·Travel has a wide selection: more than 3,000,000 hotels, sanatoriums, camp sites, hostels and apartment hotels. Compare prices and conditions and choose where it is more profitable to book.

Yandex·Travel has descriptions, photos, ratings and reviews from real customers. Use filters to optimize your search.

10% of Yandex·Plus points are awarded for booking through Yandex·Travel. Increased cashback points during promotions. You can use Plus points to pay for goods and services on Yandex services (taxi, food, market…) or use them to pay up to 100% of the cost of the next booking.

Bronevik·com (Armored car)

The national hotel booking system Bronevik·com has become the winner of the import substitution award “PRIORITY 2019”. The armored car has 6 branches in Russia, thanks to which uninterrupted work with hotels in different time zones is ensured.

There are more than 20,000 accommodation facilities in Russia and the CIS connected by direct contracts on the Bronevik·com platform: hotels, mini-hotels, apartments, sanatoriums, camp sites. From Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, from Norilsk to Dushanbe. There are options even in the most remote corners and small towns that are not available in other booking systems.

For booking hotels on the Bronevik website, you can get a cashback from 8 to 20%. The promotions are held jointly with banks and the Russian payment system MIR.

is a Russian booking service for hotels, apartments, houses and recreation centers in 1,217 cities of Russia, Abkhazia and Minsk. The site has been on the online booking market for 15 years, during which time it has been used by more than 50 million people. In 2020, TWILL entered the top ten most visited accommodation booking sites in the world.

TWIL focuses on independent travelers who prefer to choose their own routes and vacation spots. On the website, they can find a hotel with parking, a hotel with a SPA, an apartment near the metro, a cottage for a party or a camp site. To make it easier to search among more than 500,000 offers, there are 60 filters on Twill.

TWILL allows you to rebook for free if you made a mistake or found a better option on the site. You can save money thanks to regular promotions, including cashback up to 30%. The service has no commissions and extra charges — the user pays the amount set by the homeowner.

Russian tour operators and tour aggregators

If you are planning a vacation in sanatoriums and resorts in Russia, you can book a hotel through a specialized tour operator or on aggregator sites. Russian companies have signed direct contracts with accommodation facilities, guaranteed blocks of places in high season, the best prices for accommodation and travel packages.

  • Alean is a national tour operator, a leader among companies organizing holidays in resorts in Russia and neighboring countries. It has been operating since 1993, has 11 offices and representative offices in Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan. Alean has more than 4,000 accommodation facilities in 60 regions of Russia (90% of guaranteed rooms). Monthly new profitable promotions from hotels. go to the website
  • Multitour — offers more than 50,000 tourist accommodation facilities. There are always guaranteed quotas of places in hotels in resorts in Russia, Belarus, and Abkhazia. Specialists will help with accommodation, sightseeing services, transfer arrangements, and solve all issues that arise, including at the place of rest. go to the website
  • The Dolphin tour operator is one of the leading tour operators for organizing beach and outdoor activities in Russia, Abkhazia, and Belarus. The company has direct contracts with more than 1,500 hotels. The site also features 300 sanatoriums in Russia and Belarus and more than 5,500 river cruises. go to the website
  • Sanatory·ru is a specialized online service through which you can book holidays with wellness and treatment in sanatoriums, boarding houses and spa hotels. The company works under direct contracts with 600 sanatoriums from Russia and CIS countries. Online registration of vouchers with the possibility of changes and cancellations. go to the website
  • — booking vouchers to sanatoriums in Crimea, Krasnodar Territory, Abkhazia, CMS, Tatarstan and other regions of the Russian Federation (over 1200 accommodation facilities). Quotas of places at many resorts, direct contracts with sanatoriums without extra charges and additional expenses. Promotions and special offers for treatment and rest all year round. They work only with trusted partners and guarantee the quality of their services. go to the website
  • The world of Camp Sites is a service for booking a country holiday in any corner of Russia. The site has more than 5,000 recreation centers, country clubs, guest houses, cottages, eco-hotels, boarding houses. Fast booking on favorable terms without overpayments. go to the website


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