How do I get Spanish citizenship and how long will it take?

Испанское гражданство Как получить и сколько понадобится времени?

We will immediately issue a spoiler — a Spanish citizen’s passport can be obtained only after 10 years. That is, first of all, you need to issue a residence permit of the country on one of the grounds.

Here is the list:

  1. Family reunification or marriage with a citizen of a Kingdom or an EU country. In the second case, a person acquires a special residence permit — residencia comunitaria — residence for a relative of a European.
  2. Real estate ownership or investment. In Spain, they issue a “Golden Visa” if the applicant buys an object worth 500,000 euros or more.
  3. Starting a business or joining a local company. If you register your own company, you will be legalized in Spain. An important requirement for a business is to make it “smart” and attract technology. A Russian citizen can get a long-term work visa and get a job.
  4. Education in a Spanish institution. A person will become the owner of a residence permit for the duration of the entire educational process if he enters a university or school in the country. However, on this basis, do not count on citizenship.

So, you have been legalized in the Kingdom on a suitable condition. Then after 5 years you have the right to apply for permanent residence, then after the next 5 years a resident of the country will be able to declare his desire to become a citizen of Spain.

In this case, the applicant must comply with a number of requirements:

  • Know Spanish at a sufficient level.
  • To be integrated into society: to know the culture of Spain, the social and political system of the country, as well as its history.
  • Do not have a criminal record in your home country and in Spain (to be documented).
  • You can apply for citizenship online on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Justice.


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