Housing construction: crafty statistics

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Строительство жилья: лукавая статистика

The Russian construction lobby has achieved the signing of a presidential decree, which is unrealistic to fulfill: to provide Russians with housing of 33 square meters per person by 2030 and 38 square meters by 2038.

At the same time, there are more than 2.2 million ready-made apartments in our country that have not been sold due to high cost, with a total area of 71.1 million “squares”.

Russia is the leader in Europe in terms of housing construction – over the past three years, we have 227 new apartments for every 10,000 residents. Last year, a record was even set: according to official reports, 106 million square meters of new housing were built in the country, or 2.152 million apartments. Their average area was 49.25 square meters, which is almost a European figure. But after dividing the record meters by the family factor, it turns out only 20.69 “squares” per newcomer.

Unfortunately, of the 106 million “squares” built over the year, more than half will have to be removed from the general statistics as “non-mass housing”, built in the order of residential housing (individual housing construction). There were 218 thousand such private houses with an average area of 270 square meters each. meters, and there are 59 million “squares” all over the country.

In addition, in 2023, the share of business and elite class housing in the total volume of new buildings in Russia increased to 16% (approximately 18 million square meters). After these deductions, it turns out that Russian developers actually built a little more than 30 million “squares” of mass housing in apartment buildings, and statistics do not know how many of them turned out to be apartments.

But, according to official information, the share of ultra-small studio apartments in new buildings has increased by almost 60% over the past year. Sales market analysts insist: together with the “odnushki” studios account for 53% of the total volume of housing under construction. Another 32% is accounted for by “twos”, 13% – by “threes”. And only 2% of the apartments have more than four rooms.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development proposes to consider it a housing norm if an apartment has one room for a household, one room for a married couple, one room for each resident aged 12 and over. For Russians, this is an unprecedented luxury and an impossible dream.

A popular joke among developers is: “The government has stated that the price per square meter will not increase. The square meter will decrease.” The anecdote, by the way, is quite realistic. 16 years ago, the average area of apartments in new buildings was 83.4 square meters, in 2013 it fell to 76.5, and now it has fallen below 47 “squares”. And in St. Petersburg – even below 42. And at the same time, the price of 1 square meter continues to grow: by 10.3% over the year. In Moscow, the average cost of a “square” in new buildings is 343.3 thousand rubles – 10% more than a year ago. In other million-plus cities, new buildings have risen in price by 18%.

Domestic developmentsfarmers are spoiled by their monopoly position, especially in the regions. And the profitability of the business is off the scale: so, last month in Krasnodar it exceeded 52%, in St. Petersburg – 71%, in Vladivostok – 94%, in Kazan – 101%! Moreover, experts consider even the threshold of 10% to be a good level for the current state of the domestic economy.

Строительство жилья: лукавая статистика

Andrey Knyazev.

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