Experts told how to quickly and profitably sell the “fence” this spring

Among the mandatory items are putting documents and land in order and paying debts.

Эксперты рассказали, как быстро и выгодно продать «загородку» этой весной

In order to sell suburban real estate quickly and profitably, it is necessary to package the object as a product, combining rational and emotional attractiveness, – said Ivan Chiginev, founder of the Academy of Real Estate and founder of the Delegate Group Academy of Sciences.

When selling an object, the CEO of Suvantojärvi, Artyom Chesnokov, recommends following three points:

prepare all documents in advance (statements, contracts, certificate of absence of debt, consent, power of attorney); view prices in similar ads; wait for your buyer.

Timur Dasaev, Creative director of the Cottage Season IC, in turn, advises to remember about the six levers that accelerate the sale:

Correctly determine the market value of the property. Make an assessment of the market and take into account the current prices for similar properties. The price must be competitive in order to attract potential buyers.

Give the property an attractive appearance. A well-maintained garden, a clean house and a neat yard contribute to an increase in interest from buyers.

Conduct high-quality advertising. Place ads on popular Internet sites, social networks, and local newspapers. Attract the attention of potential buyers to your property.

Pay attention to the status of the documents. Make sure that all the documents are in order and provide them to potential buyers if necessary.

Take into account seasonal peculiarities. Spring is a good time to sell real estate, as buyers become more active after the winter period. Also, in late spring, the object looks more attractive because of the lush greenery and sunlight.

But in early spring, the site may look somewhat depressing.

Contact a specialist. Specialists will provide legal support, help to check documents and conclude a contract, which will eliminate the risks of selling real estate.

You can learn more about expert advice, as well as what is considered “garbage” in the country market, in our special review.

Article on this topic March 7, 2024

To quickly sell a country house at a market price, put all the documents and the plot in order and do not forget to pay the debts. Here is an incomplete list of tips from professionals, which we will focus on below.


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