Evening Novostroy: marking of building materials, soaring prices for apartment rentals and Vologda residents near St. Petersburg

The authorities have launched a campaign to combat “leftist” construction materials, but participation in it is still voluntary. Renting small apartments has become more expensive by almost 27% in a year. Vologda developer wants to implement his projects in the center of St. Petersburg. However, so far the company has managed to gain a foothold only in the region. Read about these and other news in the digest of March 20.

Вечерний Novostroy: маркировка стройматериалов, взлетевшие цены на аренду квартир и вологжане под Петербургом

The fight against “leftist” building materials. The level of counterfeiting and falsification in the field of building materials is growing in the Russian Federation. Thus, the share of “left” cement in the country increased to 21.3% by the end of 2023, and pipe products and dry building mixes – up to 30%. And this is despite the fact that the safety of the capital construction facility depends on high-quality building resources by 60% today.

In order to minimize the risk of collapse of structures and damage to building elements and in order to combat counterfeiting and falsification in the construction industry, the Russian Federation launched an experiment on labeling certain types of building materials in packaging. Manufacturers of cement and construction dry mixes and mortars can become its participants on a voluntary and free basis until December 1.

If, following the results of the experiment, the federal government decides to apply a special code on a permanent basis, then the cost of labeling will be 50 kopecks per unit of packaging. However, there are other figures on this issue. Opinions also differed regarding the goals pursued.

News on this topic on March 20, 2024, the authorities decided to fight for quality due to the growing level of counterfeiting and falsification in this area. Thus, the share of low-quality cement increased to 21%

Few, but expensive. In the Russian Federation, the rent of small-sized apartments with a square footage of up to 32 “squares” has risen by almost 54% over the year. Capitals are no exception. So, in St. Petersburg, renting a small “one-bedroom” or studio apartment now costs an average of 29,204 rubles per month. This is 26.4% more expensive compared to March 2023. In the Leningrad Region, the average price tag increased to 22,747 rubles per month, or 22.9% over the year.

“With the decrease in the availability of mortgages in the secondary market, it has become more difficult to sell an apartment, and many owners have abandoned this idea in favor of renting out their real estate. Because of this, the supply of small apartments for rent has increased by 57% in the whole country since March last year. This business is becoming more profitable, as rent is becoming more expensive at a rapid pace. This growth is especially high in those cities where rent has so far been too cheap,” commented Pavel Lutsenko, CEO of the World of Apartments, who revealed the price increase.

News on this topic on March 20, 2024, we are talking about housing with an area of up to 32 “squares”.

Vologda residents near St. Petersburg. Vologda developer “MKS GROUP” entered the real estate market of the St. Petersburg agglomeration (city + region). The regional developer hopes to implement his projects in the center of the cultural capital. However, so far the company has only managed to build a premium cottage settlement for 27 residential buildings on Copper Lake in the Vsevolozhsky district of the Leningrad region. The volume of investments in this project will amount to 1 billion rubles, of which half has been invested by this day.

As for the prospects, along with the “fence”, the Vologda developer is eager to build business-class housing in the city center on the Neva River. In this regard, the developer already has five sites in operation.

“I don’t know exactly how many projects we will get, but we don’t have a goal to build 50-100 thousand square meters per year. Our ideology is small, niche projects in which it will be comfortable to live,” Ivan Porkhunov, CEO of the ISS GROUP, told reporters.

News on this topic on March 20, 2024, the Company has already entered the St. Petersburg agglomeration market, but so far with a project in the region.

The plans of the Russians. Sociologists have found out that 6.8 million Russian families are going to get their own housing in the five-year term. Of these, 1.4 million households are ready to buy housing at the excavation stage and even at the project declaration stage, because they are confident in the reliability of project financing with escrow accounts.

In general, almost 50% of Russians surveyed would prefer to buy an apartment in a new building. For comparison, 26% were in favor of the secondary market.

The news on this topic is on March 20, 2024, while every fifth family admitted to being ready to purchase housing at the excavation stage.

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