Domklik reported record demand for preferential mortgages in May

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This is happening against the background of rapid changes in the most popular state programs

 «Домклик» сообщил о рекордном спросе на льготную ипотеку в мае

Demand for preferential mortgage programs rose to a record level of 63.2% in May, according to a study by Domklik analysts provided to the editorial office by the press service of Sberbank. By April, the indicator had added 10 percentage points, analysts said, noting that demand growth was especially noticeable in regions traditionally leading in mortgage demand.

So, in Moscow, the share of preferential mortgages in Savings loans amounted to 75% (+15 percentage points per month), in St. Petersburg – 76% (+11 percentage points), in the Krasnodar Territory — 74% (+11 percentage points), in the Tyumen region — 72% (+8 percentage points), in the Moscow region — 68% (+8 percentage points).

 «Домклик» сообщил о рекордном спросе на льготную ипотеку в мае

Sberbank’s data for May 2024 for the top 10 subjects leading in the number of disbursements. The share of transactions under the State Support program relative to the total number of disbursements in the region for the month is shown in yellow, the share of disbursements for “Family mortgages” is green, for IT mortgages — purple, for “Far Eastern and Arctic” — blue. The data is sorted by the total number of transactions for all preferential programs (indicated in white above the columns). The share of preferential mortgages in the total number of loans in the region (%) is shown at the bottom of the columns, in parentheses is the change in the share relative to April 2024 (in paragraphs)

Such an increase in Domclick is associated with large-scale changes in preferential mortgage programs from July 1, 2024. “The preferential mortgage market is waiting for radical changes,” analysts explain. “Since July 1, 2024, the State Support program, one of the most popular programs of preferential mortgage lending, is coming to an end, and the terms of the second most popular preferential program, Family Mortgage (for families with children over six years old), will be changed.” According to Domclick statistics, the previous record for the share of state programs in Sberbank’s issuance was noted in December 2023, also against the background of changes in program parameters.

In May, Russians took out loans most actively under the family mortgage program: it accounted for 28.3% of all mortgage transactions of Sberbank — this is the maximum value for the entire observation period (+5 percentage points by April). The number of issues at the same time amounted to 21.8 thousand, which is 63% more than a month earlier. Kalmykia (41%), Stavropol Territory (40%) and North Ossetia (39%) became the leaders in the share of the program in mortgage issuance. “Among the largest regions leading in the number of transactions, the Tyumen Region (39%), the Rostov Region (36%) and the Krasnodar Territory (35%) stand out,” the materials say.

The second place belongs to the program “State Support”, which expires on July 1. According to it, 21.4 thousand loans were issued in May — 53% more than in April. The share of the program was a historically record 27.7% (+ 3.4 percentage points by April). The greatest demand for the program was noted in the republics of Adygea (45% of all grants in the region) and Tyva (43%), as well as in the Kaliningrad Region (39%). Among the largest regions, the maximum share is in the Krasnodar Territory (37%), St. Petersburg (36%) and the Voronezh Region (33%).

The demand for IT mortgages has also updated the record, according to Domclick: the share of the program was 3.6% of the issue of Sberbank. “As expected, the program is in high demand in the metropolitan regions,” Domclick notes. — Moscow (12%) and St. Petersburg (10%) are the leaders in terms of the share of IT mortgages in the total number of transactions by a wide margin. In the rest of the largest regions, the figure does not exceed 5%.”

The share of the Far Eastern and Arctic Mortgage program remained at the level of about 3% — demand for it remains against the background of a consistent expansion of credit conditions. “In particular, now it is enough for teachers and doctors to get a “Far Eastern and Arctic mortgage” in Sberbank, not five years of experience, but three months of work experience. The geography of its application also continues to expand,” Domclick explained.

The overall mortgage demand in May also updated the record, according to Domclick. The reason is precisely the high demand for government programs, analysts emphasize.


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