Buying a property in Turkey by proxy, what and how to arrange it?

Покупка недвижимости в Турции по доверенностиЧто и как оформить?

When buying a home abroad remotely or if you do not want to deal with paper bureaucracy, issuing a power of attorney to another person is an excellent way out that will help save time, nerves and money.

A power of attorney is a document authorizing a person to act on behalf of another or on behalf of an organization. There are two sides to a power of attorney: the principal is the one who trusts, and the representative or trustee is the one who is trusted.

When issuing a power of attorney, it is necessary to specify the period of its validity and the powers transferred to the representative. As a rule, the following points are prescribed:

  • purchase of real estate in Turkey,
  • registration and receipt of TAPU,
  • obtaining a technical passport for an object,
  • registration of public services.
  • You can get a power of attorney from a notary in Turkey with the participation of an interpreter. On average, the procedure takes 1-2 hours. Let’s consider the actions in order:

    1. Choose a representative you trust. Usually, a realtor from a well-known real estate agency acts in this capacity.
    2. Find the nearest notary who works in conjunction with a sworn translator. You will have to pay up to 3,000 TL for the services of a notary and an interpreter. The cost depends on the volume of the certified documents.
    3. Determine the actions that you will assign to your representative. Consult with a lawyer beforehand. It is not necessary to make a general power of attorney.
    4. Find a sample power of attorney on the Internet or get it from a notary and print the document. Next, fill out the form, write down all the powers for the representative and notarize it.
    5. Keep the original power of attorney with you, make a copy and give it to the authorized person. ready!

    Documents that may be needed during registration: passport of the principal and representative. If the authorized person is a Turkish citizen, then his kimlik will be needed (the so-called ID card that performs the function of an internal passport). Sometimes the principal may be asked for an INN.

    The power of attorney may be considered invalid if the representative:

  • a minor,
  • incapacitated,
  • at the time of registration, he was in a state of clouded consciousness,
  • the power of attorney was executed under duress,
  • the document has expired.
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