ATOR compared prices for tours to Sochi, Anapa and Crimea

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В АТОР сравнили цены на туры в Сочи, Анапу и Крым

The average cost of a summer tour in Sochi reaches 105 thousand rubles, while Anapa may be even more expensive — in the region of 109 thousand.

According to Sergey Romashkin, Vice President of ATOR for domestic tourism, General Director of the Dolphin tour operator, on average all destinations have risen in price by 14-18%.

“The average bill for summer tours without flights to the Moscow region increased by 17%, to St. Petersburg – by 18%, to Kavminvody — by 16%. River cruises have risen in price by 15%, trips to Moscow have increased in price by 14%, Anapa has risen in price by 17%, Sochi — by 15%, and Crimea — by 5%,” he told NSN.

“Thus, the cost of an average tour in Sochi for nine nights is 75-105 thousand rubles. Anapa for the same period will cost 73-116 thousand rubles, Gelendzhik — 69-109 thousand rubles, Crimea — 77-89 thousand rubles,” he said.

Earlier, Gennady Lamshin, president of the Russian Hotel Association, reported an average 15-20% increase in hotel prices in the country.


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