April 10 — round table “Creating an environment: who needs ready-made furniture in a new apartment and why”

Last year, the Ministry of Construction developed and agreed on the possibility of including furniture in the mortgage, but the launch of the project has been postponed so far. Nevertheless, the demand for this option, along with the finished finish, is growing among buyers of primary housing, and the inclusion of furniture in the mortgage, according to the authors of the idea, would increase the demand for domestic furniture products. We will discuss how to purchase ready-made furniture in a new apartment today at a round table.

We invite you to discuss the following issues at the round table:

    What is the share of apartments with furniture options on the market, how has it changed recently? What is the demand for furniture and the customer’s request — what elements do they need? Who chooses this option and why? What is included in the furniture from the developer today, what options are offered? How much does the furniture cost the developer and how much does it make up in the price of the apartment for the buyer? Who supplies the pieces of furniture, installs it, under what conditions? On what terms can I buy furniture for an apartment today? What are the prospects for including it in the mortgage payment? What are the prospects for ready-made furniture on the market?

Developers, furniture manufacturers, and interior designers are invited to participate.

According to the results of the round table, publication on the website is planned

The round table will be held at 12:00 / April 10, 2024

If you have any questions about participation, please contact:

Nadezhda Dolgopolova, nd@fontanka.ru , + 7 (981) 749-48-63

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Источник: www.fontanka.ru

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