Turkish Airlines has cancelled several flights to Antalya from Moscow

Turkish Airlines offers several flights to Antalya from Moscow, book now!

Turkish Airlines сняла несколько рейсов в Анталью из Москвы

Turkish Airlines cancelled two flights from Moscow to Antalya on May 3 – TK 3959 and TK 3965. This is indicated by the data on the online scoreboard of Vnukovo airport.

According to the schedule, the Turkish carrier’s planes were supposed to leave Vnukovo at 2:05 and 2:20, but at night it was reported that the flights would not take place.

As reported by the editorial board TourDom.ru The travel agent, whose clients bought tours to Turkey with flights on board Turkish Airlines, informed passengers about the cancellation of flights already at the airport when they arrived at the departure time.

At the same time, tourists did not have to wait long for a flight to Antalya: tour operators quickly transferred customers to other planes of the Turkish carrier.

Some passengers, a woman with a child, were redirected to a regular Turkish Airlines flight, which departed for Antalya at 01:40. Other tourists were able to go to the resort at 4 a.m. “The airline actually postponed the cancelled flight TK 3959 to 4:50 a.m. He took off from Vnukovo under the number TK 3959A,” the travel agent explained.

According to experts, the cancellation of flights may indicate an insufficient load of flights of the Turkish airline. Tour operators, in partnership with the carrier, have planned an excessive number of flights to Turkey for the May holidays, and now they are forced to optimize the flight program for certain dates.

This is also evidenced by the seats that are not fully occupied on planes departing on the Antalya – Moscow route. “My brother returned from Turkey this week, there were no more than 25 people on board (flight TK3982),” wrote a subscriber to the telegram channel “Roof of the Tourist House.”

The editorial board sent a request to Turkish Airlines, as well as to tour operators who form tours based on this transportation. No responses have been received at the moment.

Earlier TourDom.ru He wrote that Turkish Airlines canceled several flights to Antalya from the capital with departure in early May. In particular, the carrier removed flights TK 3732/33 on the dates of May 1, 3, 4 and 5 from Vnukovo, as well as departures TK 3954/55 and TK 3990/91 on May 2 from Domodedovo.


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