Tourists in Bali want to be fined for non-payment of tourist tax

Tourists in Bali may face fines for not paying their tourist tax.

Туристов на Бали хотят штрафовать за неуплату турналога

Foreigners who evade paying the tourist fee when visiting Bali must be fined. Mahendra Jaya, the acting governor of Sangh Province, told reporters about this. 

He noted that the local authorities are already considering the proposal, but a specific decision has not yet been made. At the moment, the staff of the Tourism Office checks the guests visiting the popular attractions of the resort several times a month. So far, no sanctions are applied for the lack of confirmation of payment of the fee. 

Since February 14 of this year, all foreign travelers coming to Bali are required to pay 150 thousand Indonesian rupees, which is equivalent to 10 US dollars. However, according to reports from the Provincial Tourism Authority, about 60% of the guests ignore the new rules. It is believed that some tourists deliberately avoid contributions, but most probably just do not know about the innovation. 

As for Russians, they need a foreign bank card to pay the tourist tax in Bali. The Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia plans to include the Mir payment system in the list of payment methods for the fee in August.

In addition, the issue of changing the amount of contributions is also being considered. The Regional Council of People’s Representatives (DPRD) of the province proposed to increase the tax 5 times at once – up to 750 thousand Indonesian rupees (about 50 US dollars). The initiative has not yet been accepted, and at first the authorities wanted to abandon it. However, then a discussion was initiated. 


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