They want to solve the shortage of tourist buses in Russia with “Cruises” and “Serpentines”

A line of parked tour buses in Russia, with mountains and blue skies in the background.

Нехватку туристических автобусов в России хотят решить «Круизами» и «Серпантинами»

The government wants to solve the shortage of “normal tourist buses” in the country by including Russian passenger transport manufacturers in the federal preferential leasing program. This issue was discussed at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The topic was brought up by the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov, offering to work out the issue. The Head of State instructed not to delay this moment and provide opportunities to use state tools as soon as possible.

According to the calculations of the head of the Ministry of Energy, companies in the tourism industry need to purchase 3 thousand buses annually to meet demand and upgrade the fleet. Currently, foreign models with long service life are used.

What is offered to replace it with? The largest number of existing options is offered by the Volgabus plant. Now he has three intercity models in his line, which visually look like classic tourist buses with a high-positioned passenger compartment and a luggage compartment at the bottom. One of them, the Delta, can accommodate up to 55 people. 

Similar in number of seats, but with the Chinese Yuchai engine instead of the German MAN – “Marathon”. It can also run on gas. The manufacturer promises to equip the cabin with comfortable seats with increased distance from each other, convenient shelves for hand luggage, powerful air conditioning and heating systems. And at the request of the customer, audio and video systems, microphones for excursions and a toilet can be installed on the bus. 

The manufacturer also has a slightly less spacious “Serpentine”. Here, with a maximum layout, 47 people can fit. This model is equipped with an environmentally friendly and economical gas engine. Visually, this option looks more like a city bus. But inside, at first glance, there are quite familiar comfortable chairs.

GAZ has another bus that is already being produced with a claim to tourist status. It is named “Cruise”. Its salon accommodates up to 47 tourists. The Gorky Automobile Plant’s vehicle is completely based on the Scania platform and is equipped with its own engines. Passengers are promised comfort thanks to comfortable anatomical chairs and a climate system, as well as warmth in any, even the northernmost region.

Also this year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade promises to launch the production of buses based on the Sollers enterprise in the Far East in a company with Asian partners. The LiAZ plant is also preparing its own tourist option. The characteristics of these models are still unknown.

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