There may be delays for a number of passengers at border control at Moscow airports

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На погранконтроле в аэропортах Москвы возможны задержки для ряда пассажиров

ATOR reports that a number of changes have recently occurred at the border control at Moscow airports. The time of passing the control can be significantly increased for those passengers who have or had a previously valid Ukrainian passport, lived or worked at Ukraine, or has relatives there. Control measures for foreigners have also been strengthened.

Thus, Moscow airports are intensively checking passengers returning to Russia, although individual cases of checks of citizens were recorded on departure from the capital. At the border control desk, the passport is checked according to a certain database, after that passengers are conducted to an interview with an FSB officer, where they check their phone contacts.

The number of people being checked in this way reaches several dozen on a single flight.

Tour operators specify that the checks apply to everyone, including organized tourists.

ATOR recommends that Russian tourists of the above categories arrive at the airport in advance due to the increased time of border control and avoid short connections. At least one and a half hours should be spent on such checks, according to ATOR.


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