The Ministry of Energy does not expect a drop in air ticket prices in the coming years

Person analyzing data on laptop with graphs and charts predicting future trends in airline ticket prices.

Минэк не ждет падения цен на авиабилеты в ближайшие годы

The increase in air ticket prices does not cause optimism among the Ministry of Finance. At the beginning of the year, the increase was 20%, now it is fixed at 10%. However, globally, the situation with the availability of air travel is unlikely to improve in the near future, so the authorities decided to rely on the development of auto tourism. This was told by Deputy Minister of Economic Development Dmitry Vakhrukov.

“I think that fellow tour operators also felt it, although the slowdown from two dozen percent to one dozen is hardly optimistic. We clearly understand that there are certain concerns related to the availability of air transportation on the horizon until 2030,” the official said.

According to him, affordability has always been one of the key issues in the development of the tourism industry. And in the cost of travel, as a rule, a considerable share of the costs falls on transportation. Trains serve as an alternative to airplanes. However, now the price of a flight ticket is quite comparable to a seat in a compartment.  

“That is why we are focusing so much on car tourism,” Dmitry Vakhrukov explained. He also added that this type of recreation has good tourist potential, but will require consistency in the implementation of plans: “There is not enough money for everything, you need to clearly understand that if we undertake to create some kind of tourist product, we do not disperse resources and clearly follow such a strategy: a road, a multifunctional recreation area, a tourist object, a display object, a hotel, so that we get a tourist product in the complex.”

It should be noted that in early June, President Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the development of auto tourism in Russia. At it, the head of the Ministry of Energy Maxim Reshetnikov presented the main tasks of the project: the construction of roadside hotels, cafes, shops, sanitary zones, infrastructure development and work on safety. Also, from 2025, tourists will be allowed to check into hotels with a driver’s license.


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