Summer tours to many hotels in Turkey have risen sharply in price

Туры на лето во многие отели Турции резко подорожали

Travel agents shared their observations of changes in the cost of tours to Turkey for the summer season. 

Anna Prokhorova (“Pro Tour”, Samara) posted a screenshot on social networks, which shows how in the last couple of days tour packages at Rixos Park Belek 5* have risen in price – the price tag for the same check-in dates and room category has increased from 298 to 340 thousand rubles.     

Туры на лето во многие отели Турции резко подорожали

Similar examples are given by the participants of the tg channel for tourism professionals “Roof of the B2B Tour House”: “Lykia World & Links Golf 5* (Belek) was offered a week ago for August for 320 thousand rubles, now – 500 thousand rubles.” Tours to Akka Antedon 5* (Kemer) have also become more expensive: “Even on the eve of the weekend, 14 nights from May 26 cost 448 thousand rubles, now – 627 thousand rubles.” 

Obviously, the price increase is associated with the completion of early booking promotions, which falls at the end of March. As you can see, prices have increased significantly, primarily in the sought-after 5* complexes of the high price category. In more affordable hotels, the rise in price is not so noticeable: “We tracked the cost of a number of relatively inexpensive hotels in Alanya. For example, Caretta Relax 4* – at the end of January, February and now tours for the same summer dates are tours at about the same price, fluctuations are insignificant,” A–Club travel agencies shared on the network. 

It was possible to save significantly on early booking in some expensive hotels. But the price factor is not the only incentive for tourists to buy tours in advance – travel agents give examples of hotels that have already run out of available rooms in some categories for many summer dates: Ethno Belek, Liberty Fabay and others. As a rule, hotels have relatively few accommodation options for large families – they try to book them in advance. 

We should add that some representatives of the tourist industry also give examples of tariff reductions in the first days of April. This apparently applies to hotels that initially overcharged before announcing early booking promotions.

Arrivals for the May holidays should become an indicator for further price dynamics in Turkey. Depending on what the load will be on these dates, hoteliers will decide whether to stimulate demand with special offers, keep tariffs at the same level or increase them. There are still a lot of uncertainty factors – tour operators have yet to form the final schedule of charter flights, finally determine their frequency from Moscow and the regions. The desire of tourists to go on vacation to Turkey may also be influenced by the weather that will be established at the resorts by the May holidays: if the water in the sea warms up, it will be favorable for swimming, you can expect activation of last minute bookings (at the last moment – a few days before arrival. – Ed.). 

According to travel agents, the demand for Turkey for the summer season exceeds the figures of the end of March – beginning of April last year. Bookings are getting more active. There are more flights to resorts announced. The head of one of the retail associations living in Turkey, who is part of the circle of Turkish hoteliers, told the portal that the owners and managers of many popular hotels are satisfied with the loading of their facilities based on the results of early bookings. He believes that hotels now have no reason to lower prices for the summer. Other experts are still cautious in their forecasts.      

In the rating of popularity of tourist destinations for the summer season 2024, prepared by the BANKO media holding according to the results of a survey of more than 500 heads of travel companies in Moscow, Turkey, as a year earlier, took the first place. Her position in the top list improved by 2.9%.


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