Qatar is getting closer with a guaranteed flight to Aeroflot from Kazunion by Rustar

The tour operator Kazunion by Rustar has opened sales of tours to Qatar with departure from Moscow on a guaranteed block of seats on an Aeroflot flight.

Катар становится ближе с гарантированным авиаперелетом на ак «Аэрофлот» от Kazunion by Rustar

According to Kazunion by Rustar, after the World Cup held in the country in 2022, interest in Qatar is steadily growing. And with the launch of Aeroflot flights from Moscow to The Doha destination promises to become even more in demand among Russian tourists.


Катар становится ближе с гарантированным авиаперелетом на ак «Аэрофлот» от Kazunion by Rustar

The tour operator Kazunion by Rustar announced the sale of package tours to Qatar based on the Aeroflot seat block. The program starts on April 26. Offers starting from this date are already available in the “Tour Search” section on the tour operator’s website. Departure from Moscow is scheduled once a week on Fridays.

A visa to Qatar is issued to Russian tourists right at the airport. It gives the right to stay in the country for up to 90 days during a 180-day period. And to apply for a visa, you will need a return ticket.

What attracts tourists to Qatar

According to representatives of Kazunion by Rustar, the country is focused on receiving tourists from the CIS, therefore it shows maximum flexibility to their interests. Hotels are greeted with a high level of service, and many with Russian-speaking staff. Well-maintained beaches with excellent infrastructure and a gentle entrance to warm water are perfect, including for families with children.

There is no need to follow any dress code on site. However, for walking around the city and visiting museums, it is recommended to choose clothes that cover the shoulders and knees.

Another unusual privilege for a Muslim country: alcohol consumption is allowed in Qatar. Any alcohol is available in most hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, as well as on the territory of most new beach clubs outside the hotels. The import of alcohol into the country is prohibited, and it is important to remember this.

When to go

There is no low season in Qatar. The country is suitable for visiting all year round. The temperature in summer roughly reminds familiar Russian tourists of the Emirate of Fujairah. In summer, air conditioners and other modern technologies are provided in hotels and museums for the comfort of guests. All tourist spots have special air racks to cool the temperature, including on the streets.

The Many Faces of Doha

The first thing that attracts travelers to Qatar is its capital. Doha is a metropolis with modern architecture and rich oriental traditions.

Hotels in Doha

The tourist infrastructure of the capital of Qatar is developing rapidly. It has both beach and city hotels under such world-renowned brands as HYATT, Kempinski, Hilton, Sheraton, Accor.

It is worth noting that the prices for accommodation are 2 times more affordable than in the emirates for the same level of service. Also, Kazunion by Rustar advises combining holidays in resorts with city hotels to see all the delights of different Qatar.

And the launch of direct flights from Moscow to Doha complements the advantages of Qatar listed above for Russian tourists with a convenient flight. Detailed information about Qatar, excursions and hotels can be found on the Kazunion by Rustar website.

Катар становится ближе с гарантированным авиаперелетом на ак «Аэрофлот» от Kazunion by Rustar

Beach holidays in the capital

Every year in There are more beach clubs in Doha, where tourists can relax in the usual European format:

  • West Bay Beach — This new urban beach is located in the heart of Doha and offers the perfect vacation for the whole family. Here you will find comfortable sun loungers, food courts with delicious food and relaxation areas.
  • B12 — one of the most famous beach clubs with stylish design and activities for every taste: from water sports to live music with DJ. There is an atmosphere of eternal celebration here — enter in the morning and leave the beach party only in the evening.
  • Doha Sands is another great beach club where you can have a great time. You can choose from beach volleyball, various water sports and incendiary DJ sets.
  • La Mar Beach is an ideal place for those who are used to comfort and luxury. The new beach club offers excellent views of the West Bay area.


In the nightlife of Doha, it is in no way inferior to Western capitals, as well as the design and acoustics of its clubs and the level of invited artists. The four popular tourist clubs in Qatar look like this:

  • The Black Orchid at the trendy Mondrian Doha Hotel welcomes guests with an elegant interior and a “secret” tunnel.
  • The Vertigo at the Banyan Tree Doha Hotel is an iconic place for connoisseurs of fine cuisine and offers excellent views of the old town from the heights of the 28th floor.
  • The Wahm Lounge at the W Doha Hotel often invites world-renowned DJs.
  • Billionaire is located on the island of Al Maha and is famous as an important center of the nightlife of the city of Lusail.


Located in the former Sheikh’s palace, the Qatar National Museum intrigues tourists with its unusual shape of the “desert rose”. In the Museum of Weapons, you can see the sheikh’s rich collection. The exposition of the Ethnographic Museum will help you find out what Qatar was like before the beginning of the “oil boom”. Another popular place to visit is the Museum of Islamic Art. The collection, collected on three continents, is worthy of the attention of both connoisseurs and art lovers.

Катар становится ближе с гарантированным авиаперелетом на ак «Аэрофлот» от Kazunion by Rustar

The inner sea of Khor Al-Adaid is located 60 kilometers southeast of Doha is the natural wonder of Qatar. The nature reserve is recognized as a UNESCO Heritage site. This is one of the two unique places on the planet where the desert meets the sea. It will be interesting for both children and adults. It is also worth visiting Quest Doha in the capital of Qatar. It is an indoor theme park in the Msheireb area, with an area of 32,000 square meters with more than 30 attractions, including the world’s tallest indoor roller coaster and the largest free fall tower. The park is designed for travelers of all ages.

Lovers of walking in Doha attractsThe Corniche embankment, which encircles the entire local harbor in the shape of a horseshoe. There are many fountains on the embankment, cozy parks and squares are adjacent to it. After dark, the Corniche appears to tourists in a new light: it offers an excellent view of the local skyscrapers with lighting.

The architectural monuments of the ancient East have been recreated in Katara Cultural Village. There is also a functioning mosque and several museums, and the exhibition center regularly becomes a venue for various festivals.


Qatar is a point of attraction for shopping enthusiasts. The world’s leading brands of clothing, shoes and accessories are represented in Doha shopping malls. Since there is no VAT in the country, prices for buyers are significantly lower than in neighboring countries.

Place Vendôme — This is an extravagant 1,150,000 square meter shopping mall inspired by classical French architecture. There are 580 high- and middle-class shops on four floors with designer interiors, including all the world’s fashion brands, a hypermarket, cafes and restaurants overlooking the canal, cinemas and other entertainment venues.

Villaggio Mall — the impressive Villaggio shopping and entertainment center designed in the Venetian style, which has a lot to offer: from budget to luxury shops, from a variety of cafes and restaurants to entertainment parks. An indoor canal with gondolas guides shoppers along one wing of the mall, leaving them right on Via Domo, an elite main street with brands for luxury lovers. Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Bulgari and Cartier are just some of the brands represented along the golden corridors of Via Domo.

Катар становится ближе с гарантированным авиаперелетом на ак «Аэрофлот» от Kazunion by Rustar

Other entertainment formats

Curious travelers can go to the Shakhaniyya Nature Reserve, where white oryx antelopes live, which are considered one of the rarest species. Diving enthusiasts will not be bored either. The Persian Gulf attracts divers with clear water and diving depths of up to 35 meters. In it, scuba divers can observe bright coral reefs, a variety of fish and turtles. Whale shark dives are organized for thrill seekers. Other water sports are also popular — kitesurfing, windsurfing, canoeing, water skiing and jet skiing, sailing and sea fishing.

Kayaking in the mangrove forests of Al Thakira is suitable for those who prefer to relax in calmer waters. Surrounded by lush greenery, it is especially pleasant to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna.

In the deserts of Qatar, you can arrange a race over the dunes in a jeep or a check—in on a much slower, but lively transport – a camel. Desert safaris are also conducted on buggies and ATVs. The most active can try sand surfing in the desert. And as a souvenir, you should arrange a photo shoot right on the dunes.

Fans of unusual camera angles can take a bird’s-eye view of Qatar. Paratrake flights are performed over the inner sea of Khor Al Udaid and will complement the trip with particularly vivid impressions.

Doha also has its own traditional entertainment with a national flavor. Camel races are regularly held in its vicinity, which both locals and tourists come to watch.

The national bird of Qatar is the falcon, and falconry is very common in the country. It even hosts an annual hunting festival where birds catch a pigeon released by the judges.

Катар становится ближе с гарантированным авиаперелетом на ак «Аэрофлот» от Kazunion by Rustar


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