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Phangan is an impeccable place to relax, located in the Gulf of Thailand. This picturesque island is famous for its white sand beaches and azure sea. In addition, it is a popular place among travelers who prefer outdoor activities and night parties.

Phangan: popular areas:

● Tongsala is the administrative center of the island. A pier has been built here, which connects Phangan and the nearby islands.

● Bantai is the area where the majority of the island’s population is concentrated.

● Haad Rin is a party beach known among the advanced youth. Every month, a “Full Moon Party” is organized here.


The most comfortable way to get to Phangan Island, but at the same time the most expensive is to fly by plane from Bangkok to Koh Samui, and then by ferry to Phangan. In addition, you can get from the capital to the island by bus or train. But in terms of time, it will take about 12 hours.


You can travel around the island by songteo — local minibuses. In addition, you can rent a scooter, the cost of which varies on average from $ 3 to $ 15 per day.

When driving on the island, you need to be especially careful, because people come here to relax to the fullest, and often get behind the wheel drunk. In addition, there is a mountainous area on most of the island.


On the island of Phangan, you can choose one of 250 hotels of various levels and price categories. The closer to Haad Rin beach, the higher the cost of the hotel.


There are a large number of shops on the island offering souvenirs, various decorations and disco clothes to tourists.

Hammok Home store where you can buy handmade hammocks.


● Wat Po herbal sauna, which is part of a Buddhist temple

● Than Sadet National Park

● Chinese Temple

● Lake Laem Catfish

● Chaloklam Fishing Village

● Ko-Ma is a wonderful place for snorkeling (swimming underwater)

● Elephant Camp

In addition, there are many snow-white beaches on the island of Phangan, and in the inner part of the island you can admire the attractive waterfalls.


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