Koh Chang

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Koh Chang is one of the most amazing and largest islands in Thailand, where indescribable beauty reigns. The white sand of the beach is bordered by a dense rainforest, and 500 meters from it there is a large waterfall called Klong Plui. It is an ecological paradise for residents and tourists of the island.

Looking at the map, you can see that the outline of the island resembles a recumbent elephant, from which the name Chang came, which translates from Thai as “elephant”.


Koh Chang Island is only 320 km away from Bangkok. It’s about 4 hours by high-speed bus. The fastest way is to fly by plane – about 50 minutes.


You can move around the island by taxi, which are white pickups. At a later time, for your safety, it is better to use an individual taxi, the price of which will be slightly overpriced compared to conventional transport.

Songthaew is a minibus taxi that is common in large and small cities of Thailand. Suitable for a long trip, accommodates about 10 people. Visually it looks like an open pickup truck with boards on the sides.


A large number of tourists contributed to the appearance of many hotels. Koh Chang has nice rooms with wonderful views, reasonable price and quality, including a spa. You can find great options for newlyweds with a romantic setting and stunning surroundings.

For a more economical option, you can check into a simple wooden bungalow covered with palm leaves.


You will not find shopping malls on the island, but this is not an obstacle to making purchases. On each beach there are a large number of different shops with a wide selection of various goods. Bang Bao Village is home to Koh Chang Island’s largest and most expensive market.


The main attraction of the island are the beaches:

  • White Sand Beach, which is almost 3 km long, is the center of the island’s nightlife. The presence of bars and clubs will not make you bored all night.
  • Pearl beach is a calm place, a crazy sunset view, a minimum of restaurants and a sea of pleasant sensations.
  • Lonely beach is another beach where nightlife is developed. A great option for a large company. The presence of many restaurants and cafes with excellent cuisine will not leave any tourist indifferent.

In addition to the beaches, there are a large number of waterfalls on the island, such as Tan Mayom, Kiri Pet, Klong Nonsi, Nang Yom, Klong Plu and many others that will remain in your memory for a long time.


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