In Singapore, a tourist was shocked by the number of bans on the streets

Astonishing amount of restrictions for tourists in the streets of Singapore.

В Сингапуре туристку потрясло количество запрещений на улицах

Singapore surprises tourists from different sides. A British tourist walking through the city-state was stunned by the number of signs and inscriptions that warn against inappropriate behavior in public places. Europeans called the viral photo report from TikTok informative, and Singaporeans were amused by the reaction of the guest, and some noted that they had never looked at all this through the eyes of tourists before.

During the day, the foreigner studied what was not allowed to do. With warnings not to litter, as well as bicycle parking rules, she immediately agreed. She saw a large sign banning cycling, roller skates, skateboards and scooters, as well as walking with dogs at the entrance to The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands.

Under another photo, the tourist wrote: “There are so many smoke-free zones, but it’s very alien to a Londoner.” The sign “Vaping is prohibited” on the door of the cafe caused the remark that many of her compatriots here would burst into tears: in Singapore, smoking devices have been outlawed for several years, while in the UK they are legal.

The girl was amazed at the signs advising not to squat on the toilet, but to beware of encounters with otters on the street. In response to the warning about the danger on the fence in the shopping center, an equally surprised local resident wrote: “Who the hell does that?”

If a number of forbidding signs have caused confusion among some commentators, others are sure that this is the result of past incidents. And one philosopher reminded me of a simple rule: “Behave the way Mom wanted you to behave at home.”


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