In Pulkovo, passengers were forbidden to pack their luggage in a film on their own

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В «Пулково» запретили пассажирам самостоятельно упаковывать багаж в плёнку

RIA Novosti writes that St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport has changed the requirements for baggage transportation, prohibiting passengers from packing suitcases in food wrap themselves.

You can pack your things according to the new rules of the air harbor only at the service desks for a fee.

“To ensure the continuous operation of the baggage system, in connection with the diagnosis, packed suitcases are accepted only in a film that meets the requirements of the airport,” the press service of the Air Gates of the Northern Capital management company said in a statement.

It is clarified that the measure is temporary, but it is not reported whether the ban will be lifted upon completion of diagnostic work.


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