The Portuguese and Turks… want the best. Is it working?

Today we are talking about Portugal, Turkey, Thailand…In general, let’s run around the globe.

The main topics of the issue

  • Let’s deal with the residence permit. The Portuguese authorities have been unable to cope with the flow of immigration applications since ancient times. The latter have accumulated almost 350,000. Now the process will accelerate…?
  • Is it time to advertise? Turkish real estate is still interesting, but the market is falling. The authorities want to actively attract foreign buyers and even launch advertising campaigns abroad. Will there be an effect and what kind?
  • We meet online. Three author’s webinars on Prian in the coming weeks! Come. Participation is free of charge.

         February 28, 11:00 (Moscow time) – Choose: a second passport or a “golden visa”. Register.
         March 5, 14:00 (Moscow time) – Cyprus real estate and permanent residence in 2024. Register. 
         March 12, 13:00 (Moscow time) – How to get the maximum income in Phuket. Register.

  • The object of the week. We are going to the popular Phuket. The focus is on a hotel project with an internal infrastructure and 100 meters from Karon Beach. The offer is an investment one with flexible payment terms. See a selection of other sites in Thailand.


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