“I want to go to Becici!” Choosing an apartment in a resort in Montenegro

The village of Becici, adjacent to Budva, is one of the most actively built–up places on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro; Everyone buys housing in new complexes – both Montenegrins themselves and numerous foreigners; We tell you what the secret of this location is, what real estate is offered and how much it costs.

«Хочу в Бечичи!». Выбираем квартиру на курорте в Черногории

The road from noisy Budva to the more measured Becici will definitely not seem boring to you! Of course, if you choose a walking route through a two-hundred-meter tunnel cut into the rock. By the efforts of artists, it has been turned not only into a gallery, but also into a travel guide to Montenegro, as well as a self-help guide to the Montenegrin language. For example, the map of the country here is ingeniously presented in the form of a cow, and each letter of the alphabet is illustrated by toponyms starting with it: “B – Budva”.  

Budva is considered the resort capital of the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. The Budva Riviera, which includes several coastal villages, stretches for 35 km. Becici is one of them, and “especially close”. It borders Budva from the southeast and is separated from it by Cape Zavala. The road between the city and the village takes only 5 minutes by car or about half an hour on foot along the landscaped embankment. The coastal boulevards were connected into a single segment only a few years ago.

Why choose Becici?


Many consider it the best in the entire Riviera and especially suitable for children. Long (almost 2 km), with a very wide coastal strip and a gentle entrance, it became famous almost a hundred years ago when it was recognized as the most beautiful in Europe at an exhibition in Paris. The coastline runs from Cape Zavala and flows smoothly into the beach of the neighboring village of Rafailovichi. Numerous cafes, bars and shops for tourists are open along the promenade.    

«Хочу в Бечичи!». Выбираем квартиру на курорте в Черногории


The Adriatic coast of Montenegro is incredibly picturesque, and Becici is no exception. The area between the sea and the mountains on which the village is built is not very wide, and residential streets rise almost immediately. On the way to the beach and back, you can train your heart muscle and admire the panorama!


It is convenient to get from Becici to any city on the coast and to the central part of the country. Let’s repeat, Budva is just around the corner. The famous Sveti Stefan Island is a pleasant walk away if desired. The road along the sea through Rafailovichi and Przno will take about an hour.

The nearest airport to Becici is Tivat Airport, about 25 km away.

From Becici to Budva and in the opposite direction, towards Sveti Stefan, it is convenient to take a bus, for example, the Mediteran Express. An alternative to public transport is taxis or rented cars.

The main transport artery in Becici is the Jadran highway, which runs along the entire coast of Montenegro. However, there are not enough bypass roads in the region, and traffic jams are not uncommon during peak hours in summer.  


In the village itself there are shops, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants – something that covers the minimum needs of locals and tourists. But residents can easily access the entire urban infrastructure of Budva: schools, polyclinic, medical centers, banks, supermarkets, boutiques, construction shops, household and electrical equipment stores.

Who chooses Becici?

The village has always been and remains popular with foreign tenants and buyers of real estate. Everyone loves Becici – both Europeans and citizens of the former Soviet Union.

Russians are happy to buy apartments in this place. Due to the sanctions, they are limited in payment options, which complicates calculations, but it is still possible to make a deal if desired.

Basically, apartments are purchased for recreation, rental, as an investment. However, Becici is also suitable for permanent residence. The infrastructure of Budva satisfies most of the needs of the family. Those who move to Becici with their children take them to school, kindergarten and sections in Budva every day. This is quite convenient, since traffic on the roads is free during the study period. In the summer, when there are traffic jams on the highway, the children just have a vacation.

«Хочу в Бечичи!». Выбираем квартиру на курорте в Черногории

There are several private kindergartens and schools in the village itself, for example, in the Harmony complex in the central part and in Dukley on Cape Zavala.

A fairly large Russian-speaking community has already formed in Becici, which consists mainly of recently relocated IT specialists and their families. Visitors have organized a board game club, gather for socializing in a coffee shop and restaurant.

Districts of Becici

The Jadran highway runs along the entire village, dividing it into two unequal shares. Below the highway, on the first or second line, there are mainly hotels. In this part, almost everything is built up, there are very few vacant lots left.

Residential areas lie above the Jadran highway. Conditionally, several locations can be distinguished.

The central part is behind the Splendid, Mediteran hotels, the Harmony complex. Near the Mega Market supermarket, several residential complexes. Let us remind you that there is a private kindergarten and a school in Harmony, and there is a water park in Mediteran.

The new quarter of Becici-2 is an actively built–up area behind the Skyline complex. Opposite is Samsara Beach. Nearby there is a medical center, a sports center at the Status-M residential complex, a restaurant “Two captains”.

Location at the Idea supermarket, closer to the border with the Rafilovichi,not far from the Falkensteiner Hotel. New residential complexes are also being built here.

Real estate in Becici

The market in the village is alive. Firstly, there is a high demand. Secondly, there is really a lot of new construction here.

The main offers in Becici are apartments in houses and complexes. There are not so many individual houses in the region as a whole. Most of the real estate for sale is located in buildings under construction or recently erected. This is not surprising, since the village has been intensively built up in the last 15 years. Complexes such as Skyline Resort, Belvedere Residence Aparthotel are the architectural decorations of the resort.

Housing prices are comparable to those in Budva, on average 2500-3000 euros per sq. m. Mostly families with a budget of 100,000 to 300,000 euros come. There are also buyers with more funds. They are looking at penthouses or buying several apartments, perceiving it as an investment.

It is noteworthy that the Montenegrins themselves often prefer the neighboring village of Rafailovici. There are old buildings here where you can find more budget options.

What complexes should you pay attention to in Becici? From the already built: Skyline, Monte Dreams, Status-M, Sunny Sight. From under construction: new lines of the Anatolia complex.

Market trends

Today, the real estate market in Montenegro has stabilized after the boom of the last two years, when even to get to a notary you had to sign up long before the date of admission. As the Association of Real Estate Agencies of Montenegro told the state TV channel, apartments in new buildings in Budva are not getting cheaper yet, but rental rates have decreased. The latter is explained by some outflow of foreigners from the country, mainly Ukrainians.

The Association also noted that the interest of buyers is shifted towards new buildings. Perhaps this is due to the fact that buying apartments at the excavation stage makes it possible to earn up to 30% on the increase in their value after the construction of the house. However, it is important to carefully approach the choice of a developer! No one has canceled the risks in the primary market.

There are also pitfalls when dealing on the “secondary market”. For example, before buying, it is necessary to make sure that an act of commissioning was issued for an apartment building at the time. There are situations when a high-rise building has been erected, apartments have been transferred to the ownership of the owners, but the house itself is still in a semi-legal position, because due to some problems (excess space, the elevator is not installed properly or something like that), the municipal authorities did not issue a “permit” for it.

Another nuance: on the territory of the Budva Riviera, the transfer of ownership of real estate takes much longer than in the municipality of Bar.


To sum up, Becici is a good option for permanent residence in a picturesque place by the sea, but at the same time close to a fairly developed infrastructure. By the way, the purchase of any real estate in Montenegro is considered the basis for obtaining a residence permit.

«Хочу в Бечичи!». Выбираем квартиру на курорте в Черногории

For summer holidays or renting out to tourists, an apartment in the village is perfect. There is no shortage of vacationers during the season, but at the same time there are still more families who love tranquility, rather than noisy young people.

It is unlikely that you will be able to earn a lot just in the growing market now. However, with the right choice of location and project, the investor will definitely be in the black.

Thank you for the help in preparing the material of our experts in Montenegro:

Svetlana Zamotin, Director of the Tradegoria Agency

Irina Rasskazova, manager of the Antarex agency

Additional source: RTV Budva

Photos: Depositphotos.com


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