Foreign houses with vineyards and wineries. A selection of real estate

Let’s try to combine the world map of winemaking and the map of real estate offers on HomesOverseas; Huge estates, real old estates, small farms and just lovely houses among pastoral green landscapes – our selection will have everything! Have you turned 18 yet? If so, we invite you to enjoy reading and, perhaps, revive the memories of visiting these regions and tasting their famous or not so famous wines.

Зарубежные дома с виноградниками и винодельнями. Подборка недвижимости

A lot of sun and hardworking people are the main conditions for a particular place to become a wine region. In some places, the history of this trade has been going back several millennia, and some regions joined them later, continuing others’ or developing their agricultural and production traditions. By the way, with the warming of the climate, the geography of grape cultivation is gradually expanding to the north.

The portal presents real estate in famous wine regions such as Tuscany and Piedmont in Italy, Bordeaux, Provence and the Loire Valley in France, as well as in beverage production centers in other countries: Spain, Germany, South Africa, Portugal, Montenegro, Croatia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Cyprus.

Real estate offers are diverse in type, budget, and purpose. In addition to housing, you can buy a real operating winery, an agrotourism hotel combined with wine production, or an old estate with a wine cellar.

Estate with vineyard in Chianti for 3.9 million euros (Tuscany, Italy)

Зарубежные дома с виноградниками и винодельнями. Подборка недвижимости

The history of the estate goes deep into the Middle Ages. In the 11th century, even before these lands were not easily divided between Florence and Siena (the black rooster was the first to play along, according to legend), there was a watchtower here, and in the 15th there were other buildings.

Today, the estate, located just 30 km from the center of the Italian Renaissance – Florence, has several buildings, including a separate one for the production and storage of wine, and extensive land: a 2.5 hectare vineyard (for rent) and an olive grove (300 trees). Vines produce up to 15,000 bottles of wine per year (you can increase production to 25,000 bottles).

The area of the main house is 500 sq. m. The furniture is appropriate: streams with rough wooden beams, rooms with semicircular stone arches, beds with carved wrought–iron headboards and canopies, wooden furniture, there is even an old billiard table.

A farm with a hotel in Chianti for 8 million euros (Tuscany, Italy)

Зарубежные дома с виноградниками и винодельнями. Подборка недвижимости

There are properties for sale in the hills of the famous Chianti region.

The total land area is 92.3 hectares, including 11.3 hectares of vineyards, 1.1 hectares of olive groves, 12.8 hectares of arable land and 67.1 hectares of forests. 50,000 bottles of wine and 500 kg of olive oil are produced annually from grapes and olives. 

The renovated old buildings are used as a hotel for agrotourism (30 rooms in total). The hosts and guests have two saltwater pools, a restaurant, gazebos with sun loungers.  

An estate with a vineyard in Montepulciano for 15 million euros (Tuscany, Italy)

Зарубежные дома с виноградниками и винодельнями. Подборка недвижимости

We move on along the incredibly picturesque (descent-ascent-descent again) roads of Tuscany. The next estate is already south of Siena, 5 minutes from Montepulciano. This wine-growing region was annexed by the Sienese in the Middle Ages, who ceded most of Chianti to the Florentines.

The estate includes several buildings and huge land (48 hectares), most of which (31 hectares) are occupied by vineyards. Everything is provided for the care of the vine and the production of the drink: equipment, a drip irrigation system throughout the territory, a pond providing a constant source of water, a cellar with two hundred oak barrels. There will be something to participate in the Bravio delle Botti! This is a traditional barrel race that takes place in Montepulciano every August. 

The interiors of the main villa are decorated in classic Tuscan style. The house is now used as a hotel.

Estate with vineyards in Asti between Langhe and Monferrato, price on request (Piedmont, Italy) 

Зарубежные дома с виноградниками и винодельнями. Подборка недвижимости

We have reviewed several estates in Tuscany. It is the turn of another famous wine region of Italy – Piedmont. The estate in question is located among the landscapes included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, between two wine–making zones – Lange and Monferrato.

The buildings have been completely renovated, preserving the original architectural layout of the 19th century. The main villa has an area of about 700 sq. m. The apartment consists of two floors plus a basement and an attic. Its highlight is the vaulted ceilings made of brick in the Piedmontese style, wooden ceilings with open trusses, stone and terracotta finishes. A loggia adjoins the living room on the second floor level, which offers a magnificent view of the vineyards and natural beauty.

Two apartments with separate entrances adjacent to the main house are ideal for guest accommodation.

Barbera grapes are grown on the estate. It produces 5,800 bottles of wine under its own brand annually.

Farm with an active wine production in Torres Vedras for 900,000 euros (Portugal)

Зарубежные дома с виноградниками и винодельнями. Подборка недвижимости

Another object for those who are delusional about winemaking and dream of giving their hobby a decent scale.

For sale is a small family-owned winery located in Torres Vedras, a city that, thanks to the climate and soil, has become one of the centers of production of a noble drink in Greater Lisbon. The distance from the farm to the capital of the country is 60 km, to the Atlantic Ocean coast is 22 km.

Initially, the pilot project, developed several years ago by a young businessman, was promoted. The company has become one of the leading producers of organic wine in Portugal, exporting products to many countries around the world.

In 2023, more than 6,300 bottles were sold, but the company can produce more than 100,000 liters per year.

What the buyer will get: a plot of land for a farm (7.5 hectares); a warehouse (400 sq. m. m); ruins of an ancient manor house to be restored; stock of almost 50,000 bottles already available for sale; 10,000 liters in the production process in tanks.

Villa on Skadar Lake for 320,000 euros (Montenegro)

Зарубежные дома с виноградниками и винодельнями. Подборка недвижимости

The valley in the vicinity of Lake Skadar is considered one of the two main wine-growing regions of Montenegro. There are many small family wineries and larger production facilities.  

A new two-storey villa (440 sq. m.) is for sale in the village of Sotonichi. m) with land for vineyards (about 2 hectares). The distance to the town of Virpazar is 5 km, to Primorsky Petrovac is 15 km. 

The house has 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, terraces, 2 balconies and, of course, a wine cellar with an area of 220 sq. m. There is a swimming pool on the territory.

The villa is fully equipped and ready to move in. This is a godsend for those who are looking for a quiet place to live and conditions for their favorite business.

The complex at the winery in the Alsancak mountains for 321,000 euros (Northern Cyprus)

Зарубежные дома с виноградниками и винодельнями. Подборка недвижимости

Getting the “nectar of Dionysus” on the island of Aphrodite was learned in ancient times. The history of winemaking was not linear, the fishery periodically declined and revived. Now there are enough industries here, including in Northern Cyprus. 

In the mountains of the village of Alsancak (near Kyrenia), a nice residential complex has been built at the winery and hotel. It is possible to buy an apartment with two bedrooms and a living room (2+1). Balconies and terraces offer stunning views of plateaus covered with green rows of vines.  

On the territory of the complex: swimming pool, gym, sauna.

Winery with a hotel in Kakheti for 9.2 million euros (Georgia)

Зарубежные дома с виноградниками и винодельнями. Подборка недвижимости

In conclusion, we will visit the homeland of winemaking. Archaeologists have proved that the people who lived on the territory of modern Georgia learned this trade 8 thousand years ago, earlier than their contemporaries who inhabited other places of the planet.  

Today, there are many grape varieties, productions, and brands in the country.

In the village of Attana, in Kakheti, a winery with its own four-star hotel with 32 rooms is for sale.

The vineyards cover 6 hectares. The wine is made from the varieties “Saperavi” and “rkatsitelli”. It is stored in Qvevri clay vessels, just as it was thousands of years ago. 

A winery with an area of 800 sq. m. The restaurant is equipped with premium equipment and has a tasting room. It produces annually: 40,000 bottles of red wine; 20,000 bottles of white wine; 10,000 bottles of chacha. Wow! More precisely, wah!

Attention! Prices are valid at the time of publication and may change!


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