Development of the concept of commercial and social facilities for projects of a large federal developer

Разработка концепции коммерческих и социальных объектов для проектов крупного федерального застройщика

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Valery Trushin, Partner, Head of Research and Consulting at IPG.Estate:

The project is interesting because for a long time many developers have been trying to retain commercial premises on the ground floors of residential complexes in order to accommodate commercial and social functions. However, no one has managed to implement such a project yet. FGC decided to bring the idea to fruition and turned to us to develop a similar concept for its projects in New Moscow.


Create a commercial concept of retail premises. To work out the concept of social functions.


Our company has been developing the concept of commercial and social functions for FGC projects in low-rise buildings in New Moscow: Uvarovo Park and Khatminki Park. 

We have identified the necessary set of retail premises with such functions so that these facilities fully satisfy the request of residents of the residential complex without the need to leave their area. 

We have worked out the ideas of social functions, which are managed by the developer. The goal was to select social facilities for the implementation of the staycation format in suburban housing, so that residents could get everything they need on the spot. 

In my experience, this is the first project — the first swallow when a developer follows the model of preserving commercial premises in his portfolio, initially designing them as they are really needed by potential tenants. Together with the architectural department of the Space company, we described the needs of potential operators and provided layouts taking into account the norms and requirements for these premises.


As a result, the customer received a business model according to which commercial space is not sold immediately, but is filled with tenants and brings rental income. The company then sells the properties as a ready-made rental business.


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