Where to stay in Istanbul? Tourist and dangerous areas

An overview of the tourist areas of Istanbul with a selection of hotels. Where to stay in Istanbul to walk to the main attractions without getting into trouble and traffic jams. Hotels near Istanbul airports. The list of dangerous areas of Istanbul.

Где остановиться в Стамбуле? Туристические и опасные районы

Panorama of Istanbul from Galata Tower

Istanbul is the largest and most populous city in Turkey. There are 39 districts (ilche) in it, which are divided into districts and quarters. I made the right choice of place of residence on the third attempt.

On our first visit, we were accommodated in a business hotel in the Asian part, and we were stuck in traffic jams for 2 hours a day. For the second time, I booked an apartment next to a noisy avenue and woke up to the wailing of sirens. The third time, I already knew where to look, and we lived in a quiet central area of Istanbul.

Tourist areas of Istanbul

All the main sights of Istanbul are located in the European part in the districts of Fatih, Beyoglu and Besiktas. If you are an ordinary tourist, you want to save time on moving around the city and are not looking for adventures, choose accommodation in these best areas of Istanbul.

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Fatih (Fatih)

Где остановиться в Стамбуле? Туристические и опасные районы

Sultanahmet Aya Sofia

Istanbul’s central Fatih district includes Sultanahmet quarter, where the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace with Gulhane Park, Basilica Cistern, Grand Bazaar and Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Market) are located. There is a tourist flow between these attractions, but you are also a part of it.


Sultanahmet has a large selection of hotels and apartments, here you can live like a sultan or choose a more modest option. High-end hotels have good sound insulation, which is very important for Istanbul. Many hotels provide airport transfers, and there are Russian-speaking staff.

Где остановиться в Стамбуле? Туристические и опасные районы

White House Hotel Istanbul

Popular Sultanahmet hotels

Apartments in the center of Istanbul are not much different from hotels — they are usually located in the same building, professionally serviced and have a small kitchen corner.

Beyoglu (Beyoğlu)

Istanbul’s Beyoglu historic district, located on the other side of the Golden Horn Bay, is famous for such attractions as Galata Tower, Istiklal pedestrian tourist street, Dolmabahce Palace. Beyoglu District includes the popular districts of Taksim, Galata and Karakey.

Taksim (Taksim)

Где остановиться в Стамбуле? Туристические и опасные районы

Taksim, Istiklal Street

Taksim is always lively, there are many young people, nightclubs, shops and restaurants. Taksim Square is the central transportation hub of Istanbul, from here you can quickly get to any part of the city and get to the airport.

Hotels near Taksim Square

If you are interested in something special, pay attention to the Pera Palace Hotel-Museum, where Agatha Christie wrote “Murder on the Orient Express”. The Orient Bar with terrace is a favorite meeting place for high society representatives.

When choosing a cheap hotel in Taksim, see what is next door. It will be noisy in the houses facing Istiklal pedestrian street. We lived in an apartment near Tarlabashi Boulevard and could not open the windows.

Jihangir (Cihangir)

Где остановиться в Стамбуле? Туристические и опасные районы

Jihangir Quarter (Cihangir)

The Jihangir quarter combines a central location and a pleasant environment. Many foreigners and creative people live here. We stayed in Jihangir for 5 days — lively but quiet, lots of cafes, restaurants, supermarkets. The available options are quickly sorted out, book in advance!

Hotels in Jihangir


The area near the Galata Tower is surrounded by souvenir and vintage shops, narrow streets and historical buildings. The Karakey-Beyoglu funicular makes it easier to climb the hill.

Hotels near the Galata Tower


Где остановиться в Стамбуле? Туристические и опасные районы


The lower end of the Beyoglu district faces the Galata Bridge. From Karakey to Sultanahmet, you can walk or take a tram. There is a fish market and a ferry pier nearby. In 2021, the port and the Galataport Istanbul public space — a seaport, shops, restaurants, offices – opened on the Karakey embankment.

The best hotels in Karakoy

Besiktas (Beşıktaş)

Где остановиться в Стамбуле? Туристические и опасные районы

Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

Attractions of the Besiktas area: Dolmabahce Palace, Ortakoy Mosque, Yildiz Palace with the park of the same name, the Ataturk Museum and the Naval Museum, Vodafone Park Stadium – the home arena of the Besiktas football club.

The advantages of this area are panoramic views of the Bosphorus and proximity to the ferry pier, from where ferries depart to the Asian part and to the Princes Islands. Cons — there are traffic jams.

The most luxurious hotels in Istanbul along the Bosphorus Strait

Princes’ Islands (Adalar)

Где остановиться в Стамбуле? Туристические и опасные районы

Phaeton on the Buyukade

The group of islands in the Marmara Sea, which is part of Istanbul, is perfect for those who want to take a break from the bustling city. Just one hour on the ferry and you are in nature. In summer, picnics, swimming and sunbathing are organized on the Prince Islands. Look for accommodation on the two largest islands: Buyukade and Heybeliade.

Hotels near Istanbul airports

If you are flying through Istanbul and do not plan to explore the city, it will be convenient for you to stay at a hotel near the airport. Istanbul has two international airports: the new Istanbul Airport (IST) in the European part and Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) in the Asian part.

Dangerous areas of Istanbul

Walking along tourist routes, it is difficult to imagine that there are areas in Istanbul where it is scary to even go, and even more so, to stay there.

The disadvantaged areas of Istanbul are home to drug dealers, counterfeiters, migrants, transvestites, thieves and sex workers. The “calling card” of such areas is dilapidated houses and dirty streets with clothes hanging on ropes. Remember their names to avoid:

  • Tarlabaşı
  • Hacıhüsrev
  • Dolapdere
  • Kustepe Gazi Mahallesi
  • Esenyurt
  • Karabayir
  • Sultanbeyli
  • Gaziosmanpasa

Stay in the tourist areas of Istanbul described in this article and you will feel completely safe.


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