We bought an apartment in Alanya: we share our experience

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Купили квартиру в Аланье: делимся своим опытом

Even before the pandemic, we decided to invest in Turkish real estate, now we have the opportunity to regularly come to Turkey and relax on the Mediterranean Sea. But about everything in order.

Why Turkey?

We have a long history with Turkey, we have been vacationing here 2 times a year for 10 years. We visited all the resorts popular with our tourists, and we did not feel any negativity towards Russians anywhere. Then we calculated how much money we had given to travel agencies during this time and decided to buy an apartment to use it as a summer cottage. There are other reasons.

Firstly, we have the opportunity to stay abroad for a long time, work allows, but paying for five-star hotels for four people (me, my wife, two children), living for a month, is still expensive.

Secondly, in the future we plan to rent an apartment, and this is some kind of additional income. Moreover, we are not going to look for clients through agencies, we have many acquaintances who are ready to rent our housing for a period of a month or more.

Thirdly, this is a good investment, at least now we see how housing in Turkey has risen in price over the past 2 years.

Add to the above beautiful landscapes, the warm Mediterranean Sea, reasonable prices for food and clothing, and it becomes clear why more and more of our citizens are buying apartments and houses here.

Купили квартиру в Аланье: делимся своим опытом

How to buy

The apartment was searched through the Moscow representative office of a large Turkish agency. They had a very large database of Turkish real estate, we explained what we wanted to buy, where, how much money we were willing to pay, and we were offered twenty options. The most complete information and photographs were provided for each apartment, and video filming was carried out on the objects that were particularly liked.

We chose the two most suitable apartments in Alanya, bought a week-long tour and went to see. Now I know you can not go anywhere at all, everything can be done online. But we didn’t take the risk and flew to the viewing. By the way, they did the right thing, because the 400 meters claimed for one apartment to the sea turned out to be actually almost a kilometer away. Otherwise, there was no deception.

Купили квартиру в Аланье: делимся своим опытом

What have you chosen

We bought an apartment, as I said in Alanya, in a new modern residential complex, 300 meters from the sea. The apartment has already been finished with high-quality finishes, the price included an equipped kitchen and plumbing. All that remains is to buy furniture, and then come and live. The building is six storeys high, there are two swimming pools (one heated), a sauna, a gym. The residential complex has its own security, video surveillance system.

The area of the apartment is 85 sq. m, the layout is 1+ 1 — a living room combined with a kitchen and one bedroom. The accommodation is located in the center of Alanya, nearby there is everything for a good rest — beaches, a park, restaurants, a supermarket, small shops.

Купили квартиру в Аланье: делимся своим опытом

How much did it cost

The cost of housing is 99 thousand euros. This is without taking into account the additional costs, which I will tell you about now.

When buying real estate by foreigners, you need to pay for an appraisal report, it will indicate the price of the apartment, we paid 120 € for it. A fairly large amount had to be paid for a TAPA (certificate of ownership), 4% is charged for it, but not from the real, but from the cadastral value, it is usually lower than the real value of the apartment. In our case, the amount turned out to be 3,200 €.

The commission to the realtor in Turkey is paid by the buyer of the apartment, we paid 2,200 €. The translator was given 80 €, for the renewal of utilities to the new owner they laid out 150 €, insured against earthquakes for 20 €. In total, the total amount for the apartment turned out to be 104770 €.

Купили квартиру в Аланье: делимся своим опытом

Some tips when buying a home in Turkey

I am not a doctor in matters of buying real estate abroad, but I have learned some things. Maybe a couple of my tips will be useful to someone.

Firstly, in order to avoid surprises after buying an apartment, it is better to go to the place and personally verify the conditions described by the seller. Sometimes they are embellished. In my case, the false information turned out to be only the distance to the sea, but there are more serious punctures. If you do not want to fly to Turkey for inspection, ask the seller to take the most detailed real—time shooting, make them show literally every angle, now there are no problems with this.

Secondly, do not spare money for an interpreter, choose a good and independent one, so that literally every clause of the contract is voiced, does not accidentally or intentionally miss some important information. It is better that the entire transfer of property is recorded on camera, although you will need to take a special permit for this.

Thirdly, when selling an apartment, you must be given TAPU and ISKAN – documents that confirm the ownership and acceptance of the object. Don’t they give them to you? So the housing is not all clean. The situation with my friends. We bought an apartment from a developer that was owned by a landowner — this is often practiced in Turkey: the developer transfers several apartments to the landowner as payment for the plot and when all his apartments are sold out, he can “accidentally” sell someone else’s. My friends managed to solve the situation in their favor, but it took a lot of nerves and time.

Купили квартиру в Аланье: делимся своим опытом

To avoid such problems, it is better to work with a developer or a well-known agency that has a representative office in Of Russia.

In general, we were satisfied with the purchase: our property is growing in price, we have the opportunity to live on the seashore for several months a year, and in the future we plan to earn income from renting housing to friends. Yes, and the pandemic restrictions somehow almost do not concern us, it so coincides that we choose the time for departure / entry successfully 🙂

Good luck to all those interested in buying real estate in Turkey!


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