“Their hormones are playing with might and main” Russians abroad are actively getting to know foreigners. What strikes them on dates?

A Russian woman went to Bali and described the island with the phrase “everyone wants sex here”

«У них вовсю играют гормоны» Россиянки за границей активно знакомятся с иностранцами. Что их поражает на свиданиях?

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Russians, going abroad, often have holiday romances or just go on a date with foreigners. Moreover, according to statistics, it is women who most often take the initiative in dating on vacation. However, often such intrigues end in tears, and only funny or sad stories for girlfriends remain from strong emotions and suitors who once seemed like gentlemen. “The tape.” has collected the wildest stories about dating and short-lived relationships of domestic travelers abroad.

“Can I touch it?”

Alina, I went on dates in Bali with the guys from Tinder

I don’t remember what kind of date it was in Bali, but obviously not the first: We decided to go to breakfast with a 35-year-old man. He came to the island recently, before that he was in Georgia. At first, we discussed the usual topics: moving to Bali, countries that we had time to visit, and so on. Then he suddenly began to huddle somehow, and then said that he came with his wife, whom he is now divorcing, and it is very painful for him.

The man asked me how I felt about it, if I was satisfied with such meetings. I replied that I didn’t, but since we came for breakfast, we had to finish it. Then he started talking about how he was suffering from severe depression, was on antidepressants, it wasn’t worth it, besides, the biggest problem was that he couldn’t “use ketamine” anymore. These are the difficulties a person has. But his fakaps didn’t end there.

He began to tell me that he had been engaged in motocross for 15 years and all mopeds are creepy and you only need to drive a bike, and when we were about to leave the date, he offered to take me home on his motorcycle. First, he dropped it twice, something flew off the bike, and my boyfriend began to make a terrible fuss

But the most terrible thing happened later — the bike’s brakes failed, we flew out at the intersection and only miraculously survived, thanks to the fact that the car we were already driving in managed to slow down. After that, he wrote to me, asking me to leave a review and tell me what he did wrong, what I liked and what I didn’t. Then he asked at all: “Maybe I should have been more resilient? After all, I didn’t bother you at all, but I should have.” I thought that I was also grateful that he didn’t bother me.

«У них вовсю играют гормоны» Россиянки за границей активно знакомятся с иностранцами. Что их поражает на свиданиях?

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Another cringe date happened with a 30-year-old young man who had previously lived in Bali. We went to dinner, it was fun. Then we decided to go for a drink of wine at the bar. It was very beautiful there, we were discussing beaches, food, dogs, cats, literature, and then all of a sudden he asks: “What kind of porn do you like?” And he began to talk about what kind of adult films he liked. That’s when I realized that was it, and I went home to watch my favorite TV series.

There was also a date at the spa. The man brought me to an incredibly beautiful place — on a sheer cliff, there is a hammam, a swimming pool, an ice font. Before that, we spent an amazing day with him — joking, eating delicious food

We sat, watched the sunset, drank tea, talked heart to heart. The atmosphere around us was conducive to this — fireflies, romance and peace. And then he suddenly says, “Listen, I’ve been wanting to ask you all evening, and it seems to me that now is the time. Can I? And your boobs?” I was taken aback and honestly replied that no, they were made. Then he asked: “Will you let me touch it?” We don’t see or communicate with him anymore.

The Balinese island is so small that I once watched a podcast with this guy who invited another young man with whom I also went on a date. I looked at them and felt Spanish shame. Here, all men need nothing but sex. They pour beautiful words into their ears, look after them beautifully, then everything will happen, and they will simply disappear.

“Everyone here wants sex”

Elena, went on dates in Bali

I sincerely believe that it is simply impossible to build a serious relationship in Bali, I do not know the people who do it. Many people come here to have fun and just have sex. The island is very conducive to this — here all people go half-naked, incredibly beautiful, with perfect, toned and tanned bodies.

It feels like there is a person at passport control who checks whether you are handsome or not, and if not, does not let you through to Bali. Girls look like models, men are surfers with athletic bodies, because of this atmosphere of a seaside resort and endless parties, everyone wants sex. Libido appears here even for those who had some problems with it.

«У них вовсю играют гормоны» Россиянки за границей активно знакомятся с иностранцами. Что их поражает на свиданиях?

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Besides, there are a lot of narcissistic guys here who get high not from women, but from themselves and from the way girls look at them. In general, I don’t mind, but this is clearly too much, which is very repulsive.

I came to spend the winter in Bali, I had never used Tinder or other dating apps before, but recently I ended my relationship and decided to try online dating

I didn’t take such acquaintances seriously and I wasn’t going to meet the love of my life there, but the level of kringe I encountered exceeded all my expectations. I went on several Tinder dates — they were all not very good, but I remember one case the most.

We corresponded with a nice guy, and he sent a very strange phrase that “we had an interesting match — a coincidence in all respects.” The young man really turned out to be very pleasant to communicate with, super inadequate: he does a lot of sports, practically does not drink, does not smoke, has never tried drugs. I even had a question: why is he even sitting on Tinder if he’s so cool, maybe just for fun.

I really liked the guy, it was interesting with him, and I even thought about going on another romantic date somewhere on the beach. But then my friends and I found out one very funny thing

One of them has a Pure sex app installed on her phone. Few women have photos there, usually they just create a profile and can write to the guy they like. Pictures are not needed, because there are a lot of perverts who immediately start bombarding with messages.

My friend, who also didn’t have a photo in Pure, found the guy I went on a date with and liked him. He immediately replied with a mutual like and wrote the same phrase as he wrote to me on Tinder, saying that “they had an interesting match.”

«У них вовсю играют гормоны» Россиянки за границей активно знакомятся с иностранцами. Что их поражает на свиданиях?

Couple in Istanbul, view of the Blue Mosque

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He was ready to come right away, and he didn’t need her picture, or a profile description, or anything. It just amazed me, because it turned out that there are a lot of such guys. We started checking out everyone we had ever gone on a date with from Tinder, and found out that many of them are sitting in Pure and agree at the first call, not knowing the girl’s appearance, to come to her anywhere and at any time. At the same time, they don’t even ask any additional questions, it doesn’t matter to them.

It turns out that men in Bali don’t care so much who they sleep with. I lived in another world, it seemed to me that all this was long in the past, men already have enough sex in their lives that they don’t want to sleep with the first person they meet. But it turned out that in Bali they still live like this, as if the guys are 15 years old, they are puberty and hormones are playing with might and main

“Barely got away with it”

Tatiana, met a Turk in Istanbul, who turned out to be an abuser

My friends joke that I’m just a magnet for abusers. There were such guys in Russia, but the most memorable case was with a Turk. I then came to Istanbul for a month and immediately met Mahmut in a restaurant. We talked, walked around the city and exchanged phones. He immediately began to write actively — literally bombarded me with messages. At first it was a little comforting, but then I even liked it. He showed that he cared where I was, what I was doing, what my thoughts were, what I loved.

He was so punchy, positive, sociable, quick. At first, he practically looked into my mouth. For example, when we went to the cinema together, I was watching a movie, and he was watching me. I explained it by saying that he just fell in love very much.

Mahmut only asked me what I wanted, was very generous, said he felt bad if he didn’t give me something. For example, he could surf the Internet and look for new shoes and bags for me, and then send me photos, asking if I like them or not.

But gradually the situation began to change, he began to take offense at everything. For example, I joked with the waiter while making an order at a restaurant, and he could remember it a day later. All the disassembly, surprisingly, did not happen immediately, and then

I began to be afraid of everything: I didn’t know where the black was, where the white was. It turned out that everything I did was wrong: I answered wrong, I sat down wrong, besides, he was constantly overcome by jealousy. Gradually, he began to grab my phone, trying to find some kind of dirt there. In general, abusers grab phones all the time and forbid something.

«У них вовсю играют гормоны» Россиянки за границей активно знакомятся с иностранцами. Что их поражает на свиданиях?

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I started going on dates with him like I was going to war. At the same time, after another quarrel, he was silky: he sobbed, begged, promised that it would not happen again. We made up again. But his good attitude was enough for a day and a half or two. Then he began to find fault again, to do it out of spite.

To make amends, Mahmut took me to Dubai, we walked around the city, went to a restaurant, then returned to the hotel. And so we’re lying in bed, listening to some whiny Turkish song, sipping a martini, his head on my chest, and suddenly he gets up, looks into my eyes and says so brazenly: “I can go and sleep with anyone I want right now.” I was stunned.

There was a feeling that two different personalities lived in him: one had just cried here, the other was saying nasty things. I was not confused and replied that I would also go for a walk now and a lot of guys would want to spend the night with me

And then I see a two-meter, 90-kilogram carcass rushing at me, and then it starts to strangle me. It was midnight, I started frantically packing my suitcase, he ran up and threw it aside with all his might. It was so scary, but then he suddenly quieted down, began to say that it was just out of great love for me.

He burst into tears, but then he began to wind himself up again, to wind up. But somehow I was able to calm him down and put him to bed, promising that I would not go anywhere. She put her passport in a sock and ran to the toilet with her phone, found a flight and booked a ticket, then quietly slipped out of the room with a suitcase and, asking the reception to call me a taxi as soon as possible, left.

All this time I was very afraid that he would chase me, I kept turning around at the airport, it seemed to me that he had arrived and would start attacking me again. Fortunately, everything went well, but I barely got away.

“Stole money and didn’t leave a bus ticket”

Maria, went on dates with a Romanian in Austria

I have always dreamed of being in Vienna — a city with beautiful architecture, statues and monuments, since childhood I have adored Mozart, opera, classics, aristocracy, magnificent palaces, rich museums.

After getting a visa and buying a plane ticket, I went to fulfill my dream. I saved up fifteen hundred euros for the trip, but I decided to rest very economically anyway — I took some food with me and settled in a six-bed room in a hostel located in the very center of the city.

As soon as I crossed the threshold of our room, I saw a handsome, beefy foreigner who smiled at me kindly. That’s how we met Sorin, who came to Austria from Romania

My new friend has been to Vienna many times, so he immediately offered to show me the city. As it seemed to me, a spark ran between us at first sight. It was very easy to communicate — he was constantly joking and telling a lot of interesting things about Vienna.

We wandered through the ancient streets, walked through the Rathaus Park and Stephansplatz Square, enjoying each other. Sorin treated me to Viennese sausages with mustard and coffee with strudel, and introduced me to the Imperial Hofburg Palace. On our first date, we went to the Vienna Opera, although in standing places, my companion took me to the building in a carriage — fiacre. Knowing that Europeans like to split the bill, I kept offering to pay for myself, but he always refused and paid for both of them.

«У них вовсю играют гормоны» Россиянки за границей активно знакомятся с иностранцами. Что их поражает на свиданиях?

Photo: Muellek / Shutterstock / Fotodom

Everything was so romantic, it seemed that Vienna was just created to confess their love to each other.

The week flew by quickly, we were so cool together. I felt that I had fallen in love and, as it seemed to me, Sorin too. We made plans for the future, having agreed to meet in some other European country within a month, the young man invited me to his place in Bucharest.

It was time to say goodbye — I was the first to fly away. We hadn’t left each other’s side all morning, and he seemed very sad about my departure. The packed suitcase was already in the room, all that remained was to go to the bathroom and you could leave the hostel to catch the bus to the airport

In order not to take a bag with money and documents with me, I gave it to my boyfriend to hold for a few minutes. When I came out of the toilet, my bag was hanging on the handle of my suitcase, my wallet with money and a bus ticket to the airport had disappeared along with Sorin and his belongings.

It was a terrible feeling, starting with thoughts of how stupid I was and how he could steal my things without even leaving me a ticket to the airport. Fortunately, there was a phone, passport and flight ticket in the bag, and one of the African guys at the hostel borrowed 16 euros for a shuttle to the terminal. Thanks to him, I was able to get to the airport on time and fly home.

But the most amazing thing is that when I returned to Moscow and tried to forget this terrible romantic story as soon as possible, the Romanian ex-boyfriend began to write to me by e—mail – he apologized for the theft, blaming me, however, for what happened, allegedly I provoked him to such an act by giving his bag, and also promised to return every last euro, but, of course, I didn’t do anything.

“My passion disappeared in a flash”

Lyudmila, went on dates with an Italian in Bologna

It always seemed to me that Italian men have awesome expression, charisma, in general, one solid testosterone. When I won a grant to study at the University of Bologna, I realized that now my dream will come true and I will finally go on dates with Italians.

The first thing that caught my eye was that all men dress quite brightly. Marco, with whom I subsequently went on a date, was flaunting around the city in red pants, and it was winter in the yard at that moment.

We liked each other right away. The first date took place in a cafe, where he praised Italian food and the way his mother cooks, and also told how he works as a photographer. Then suddenly his mother called him, to whom he began to describe in detail how his day had gone, what he had been doing, who he was with now, what time he was going home, and so on

I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. The only thing that caught my eye was that he lived in a big way, bought himself everything he wanted, traveled a lot around Europe, and at the same time treated me in restaurants. After the fourth dinner together, Marco told me that he lives in a beautiful villa in the suburbs of Bologna, and invited me home for a glass of wine. I did not object, because I understood that I was already ready for a closer relationship.

We actually drove up to a pretty beautiful villa. Before entering the house, he began to kiss me passionately, and I realized that I was falling in love with him more and more. But then the door opened, and his parents were standing on the threshold. I almost fell through the ground, I wanted to run away from there as soon as possible, but good upbringing just didn’t let me do it. We met his father and mother, had a glass of good wine and talked a little.

It turned out that Marco lives with his parents and actively spends money on himself because he does not want to pay for separate housing. Then it was even more fun. My Italian friend took my hand and led me to his room. When we entered, I was so filled with laughter, I barely stopped. The 35-year-old man’s room resembled the one in which the teenager lives. There was a stack of freshly pressed shirts on the chair, which his mother must have folded so neatly.

My passion instantly disappeared — because my burning Italian turned out to be a typical mammone, a mama’s boy. This story happened to me a couple of years ago, then we corresponded with him on social networks, he told me that he had finally moved out from his parents. Maybe he’ll even get married by retirement

“When I can, then I’ll give it back”

Regina, went on dates with a Spaniard in Barcelona

My problem is that I always choose infantile guys. It was the same this time. The Spaniard turned out to be the youngest son in the family, with all the consequences. After we met Esteban, he immediately began actively writing to me, asking how I was doing, whether I slept well, what I was doing, and so on. Then hour-long phone calls began in the evenings.

He wasn’t exactly handsome, but he was tall, with six cubes on his stomach, so his perfect body and good sense of humor easily made up for everything else.

«У них вовсю играют гормоны» Россиянки за границей активно знакомятся с иностранцами. Что их поражает на свиданиях?

Berlin’s Mauerpark is a favorite place for picnics and romantic dates

Photo: Seeliger / Legion-media.ru

Our relationship ended when he decided to borrow money from me — he asked for 500 euros until better times. At the same time, without any deadline, like when I can, then I’ll give it back. I was going to borrow it, but my friends talked me out of it.

I asked if he could borrow from his brothers, sisters or parents, but my macho man did not answer — he just banned me on all social networks and WhatsApp. That is, after my refusal, he was blown away by the wind. Then, however, he unloaded, apologized, wrote that he was wrong and that he was really weak and infantile.

“I was afraid of accusations of harassment”

Olga, went on dates with a German in Berlin

After arriving in Berlin for three weeks, I decided to go on a date, having met a guy on Tinder. Andreas liked me and asked me to meet him. In the photo, he looked like Thiel Schweiger, and I agreed without hesitation.

In real life, he turned out to be even better — tall, confident, blond, as I like. The first date was one hundred percent successful, and we agreed to meet again. The only thing that unpleasantly surprised me was that, without even asking me, he immediately asked the waiter to split our bill and shared even tips with me, up to the last euro. At first, I didn’t bother about it, but then there was more.

I make good money, but Andreas earned three times more than me and at the same time he constantly said: “Get me the cheapest beer or the cheapest cheese, the cheapest pizza at the store or at the bar, I don’t want to overpay.” You obviously won’t make an impression on the girl with this

He explained to me that in Germany men prefer to get acquainted on the Internet, and girls usually write first, and they also offer to transfer communication from virtual to real. There was a spark between us, but he didn’t even try to kiss me. As it turned out later, this is such a flirtation of Europeans who are afraid to overdo it with activity, so that they will not be accused of harassment later.

I had to take everything into my own hands — I was always the initiator. But it wasn’t even that that infuriated, but his savings on literally everything. In addition, his directness and honesty were striking — he spoke very openly and even somehow offensively about what he liked or disliked, I, who was used to smoothing everything out so as not to offend someone, was not ready for this. In general, after meeting for a couple of weeks, we parted without regret.


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