The State Duma proposed to allow the mother capital to be spent immediately on housing

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Now it is possible to improve housing conditions at the expense of a certificate only three years after the birth of a child, if a mortgage is not used

 В Госдуме предложили разрешить сразу тратить маткапитал на жилье

A bill has been submitted to the State Duma that allows the use of maternity capital to improve housing conditions immediately after the birth of a child. The corresponding document was posted in the database of the lower house of Parliament on Thursday, May 2. Its authors are deputies of the LDPR party.

Now, according to the law, the funds of the mother capital can be directed immediately to improving housing conditions in the case of using a mortgage. In other cases, you can use the certificate to improve living conditions only three years after the birth of a child.

The authors of the bill proposed using the mother capital immediately and in cases where the housing loan is not used. “The draft law proposes to extend the possibility of exercising the right to use the funds of maternal (family) capital at any time from the date of birth to improve housing conditions by any means,” the explanatory note to the document says.

According to the parliamentarians, this will help support families with children, significantly improving their situation, since they will be able to realize the right to support from the state faster.

At the end of April, senators drafted a bill on assessing the suitability of housing before purchasing it with the help of matkapital. If the bill is adopted, the procedure for purchasing housing at the expense of maternity capital will look like this: an interdepartmental commission consisting of specialists will assess the suitability of the purchased housing, and only after its approval will the local social fund issue a purchase permit.


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