The Russian revealed the price of alcohol in North Korea

Россиянин раскрыл цены на алкоголь в Северной Корее

Photo: Kin Cheung / AP

A Russian travel blogger and traveler visited North Korea and revealed the prices of alcohol in local stores in a personal blog on the Zen platform.

The author of the publication noted that the cheapest alcoholic drink turned out to be traditional Korean vodka soju. “It has 37.5 degrees, it is made from rice, distributed as part of food rations in addition to wages, sold in the cheapest plastic containers,” he wrote. — The price is 38 rubles for 0.5 liters. The same vodka costs more in glass.”

According to the Russian, in many tourist places they sell ginseng-based soju. At the same time, locals do not drink such a drink: it is expensive and pointless, they call it a product “for visitors”. “Its cost is already noticeably higher: from 6 to 12 dollars (from 536 to 1000 rubles),” he added. — Russian and pseudo-Russian vodka costs from 9.5 to 12.5 dollars, or about 900 to 1.2 thousand rubles.”

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Россиянин раскрыл цены на алкоголь в Северной Корее

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Россиянин раскрыл цены на алкоголь в Северной Корее

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The traveler stressed that whiskey in the DPRK is more expensive — from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. Haineken beer bottled in Russia — $ 2.2 per bottle — about 200 rubles. You will have to pay $ 4 for German beer — German beer Franzichaner — $ 4 or 360 rubles.

Earlier, the travel blogger visited the DPRK and was surprised by the prices in local stores. So, a kilogram of buckwheat in North Korea costs 392 rubles, rice — 75 rubles, oatmeal — 101 rubles, and a one and a half liter plastic bottle of milk will cost 153 rubles.


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