The results of the week: a new type of savings, rent rising in price after the mortgage and the transition of developers from general to private

The authorities want to educate Russians to be ready for mortgages through housing deposits for a period of one year. At this time, even rented housing is becoming less affordable. Developers are increasingly seeking to leave the city. We have collected the main news for the past week.

Итоги недели: новый вид сбережений, дорожающая вслед за ипотекой аренда и переход застройщиков от общего к частному

A new type of savings

The central bank, following the government, supported the launch of housing deposits in Russia as a new financial instrument to help future mortgagees. The relevant draft law provides for the conclusion of a deposit agreement for a period of one year in order to pay the first installment or repay the main mortgage loan. For other purposes, except for the purchase of housing, funds from this deposit will not be allowed to be used. At the same time, the depositor will have a choice – to conclude a mortgage agreement with the bank where he opened his housing deposit, or transfer funds to another financial institution.

The bill in its current form does not provide for the introduction of increased rates on housing. It is believed that the new tool will become interesting for customers due to the increased amount of insurance up to 10 million rubles against a maximum of 1.4 million for ordinary deposits.

Market participants evaluate the adoption of the law on housing savings ambiguously. Some experts believe that such innovations will increase the availability of housing loans for the population and launch the transition from a credit to a credit-saving mortgage model. Other experts share less optimistic opinions.

41% of developers of apartment buildings (MKD) quit. Another 10% of players are already working in this segment, while 49% are not planning a “suburban” expansion yet. These are the results of a February survey of 100 top managers of real estate developers conducted by the ERZ portal.The Russian Federation by order of the state-owned company DOM.RF.

Many “urban” developers are encouraged to start conquering the residential housing market by extending preferential mortgages to private homes and gradually establishing legislative order in regulating this segment. The counterweight is the low marginality of private housing construction, coupled with high infrastructure costs.

Meanwhile, almost 60% of Russians dream of owning their own home. This follows from a study conducted by Sberbank Insurance and the Repair with Savings Services service. For comparison, only 32% of respondents would prefer to live in an apartment.

by 5.6% over the year, and in the Moscow region – by 17.3%. In the cultural capital and the Leningrad region, renting individual housing over the same period became more expensive by 11.4 and 6.2%, respectively. On average, the price of renting private housing in Russia increased by 21.6% over the year.

“Basically, landlords have increased the price tags on their homes. This process was in line with the general rise in the price of rental housing: according to our data, rented apartments increased in price by the same amount. When home ownership becomes more expensive and mortgages become less affordable, rent is inevitably in high demand, which affects both the supply and the price. Thus, the supply of individual houses for rent has almost halved since March 2023, by 48%,” commented Pavel Lutsenko, General Director of the World of Apartments.

in the growth of the mortgage market in 2024 at the level of 7-12%; meanwhile, the mortgage is losing ground – minus 25% of transactions in Moscow per month; the normal operation of a family mortgage requires another 200 billion rubles, and this is only until July; mortgage families are recommended to earn from 102 thousand rubles per month; realtors have fixed a shortage of new buildings in 10 metropolitan areas; “primary” in the largest cities of the Russian Federation has risen in price by 16% over the year; price tags for parking spaces in Moscow’s new comfort-class buildings have increased 2 times in 5 years; St. Petersburg residents buy studios and “one-bedroom” in 72% of cases, while Muscovites have small-sized housing accounts for 60% from all transactions with primary housing; a developer from Moscow City has announced a 10% markup on their homes for families who consider themselves to be part of the “childfree” subculture. News on this topic on March 13, 2024, One of the capital’s developers called the Childfree movement the madness of modernity. We tell you the details and give the opinion of another industry representative on this issue.


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