The number of scammers has increased dramatically in Russia during the summer holidays

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В России в период летних отпусков резко возросло количество мошенников

During the summer holidays in Russia, scammers are beginning to become more active, who are trying to breed Russians for money.

Aleksan Mkrtchyan, Vice President of the Alliance of Travel Agencies (ATA), advises choosing travel packages online more carefully. According to him, you can easily run into a fraudulent resource on the Web.

Fake websites selling tours are perhaps the most common type of deception of tourists, Mkrtchyan noted. Scammers often create copies of the resources of large companies. Only the address of the portal can differ, and only by one letter or number.

There is especially a lot of fraud on the sale of tours to Abkhazia, the expert warned in an interview with M24.

“You seem to have found a website, booked accommodation, paid for it. You come to a real hotel in Abkhazia to settle down, and they tell you that there is no reservation for your last name and nothing has been paid,” Mkrtchyan said, Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio writes.


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