The Ministry of Construction estimated the number of Russians who have improved their living conditions in four years

Since 2020, more than 417 million square meters have been built. m of housing across the country, said the head of the Ministry of Construction

Since 2020, 417.3 million square meters have been built in Russia. m of housing, which has improved the living conditions of 16.4 million families. This was announced by the Minister of Construction and Housing of Russia Irek Fayzullin, summing up the work of the department for four years.

“A lot of work has been done in four years, record figures for housing commissioning have been achieved — 417.3 million square meters have been commissioned since 2020, thanks to which 16.4 million families have improved their living conditions. All this became possible thanks to the systematic support of the President of Russia and the Prime Minister,” said Irek Fayzullin, quoted by the ministry’s press service.

According to him, large figures have been achieved within the framework of the program for the resettlement of emergency housing: in four years, almost 700 thousand Russians have moved from 11.6 million square meters. m of uninhabitable housing. During this time, 37 regions have completed the current program, 16 of them have already started implementing a new one. Also, during this time, 49 thousand public and courtyard spaces were landscaped throughout the country, the minister added.

Among the areas of work, he also highlighted the implementation of the state program and issues of socio-economic development of Crimea and Sevastopol. Since 2022, 227 facilities and 90 events have been implemented there, thanks to which the social, energy, road transport, tourism and engineering infrastructure of the regions of the Crimean Peninsula is being created.

Work is also being carried out on the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions, where a program for reconstruction and socio-economic development has been launched from scratch, Irek Fayzullin noted. According to the ministry, since 2022, 18.9 thousand objects have been built and reconstructed there, including residential buildings, social, communal and energy infrastructure facilities.

According to the national project “Housing and Urban Environment”, by 2030 at least 120 million square meters should be built in the country annually, and at least 5 million Russian families should improve their living conditions annually. Initially, these figures were planned to be achieved by 2024. In 2023, 110.1 million square meters were commissioned in Russia. m of housing. This is a record figure in the history of the country.

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