The Foreign Ministry warned tourists about toilets in Turkey: It is now necessary to be especially vigilant there

Tourists warned about bathroom scams in Turkey, need to be extra vigilant now

МИД предупредил туристов о туалетах в Турции: там теперь необходимо проявлять особую бдительность

The British Foreign Ministry issued a security warning containing very original points. In particular, the agency warned tourists about toilets in Turkey: Special vigilance must now be exercised there. The thing is that, according to the British press, the warning appeared in the wake of last year’s reports of 42 cases of sexual violence. As a result, government travel consultants have updated their safety recommendations, taking into account the new dangers.

Holidaymakers were urged to “be especially vigilant” in certain situations, including when visiting toilets and at night. “Last year, the British Consulate in Turkey received several reports of sexual assaults, including rape, and most of them occurred during the summer holidays in areas popular with tourists. In 2023, 42 cases of sexual violence, including rape, were reported to staff at the British Consulate in Turkey. Most of the cases occurred during the summer holidays in coastal tourist areas. The crimes were committed at night by someone the victim met during the day, including employees of hotels and spas. There were also sexual assaults on minors who visited the toilets alone. Be especially vigilant in such situations,” the warning says verbatim.

In addition to toilets and casual relationships, the British were urged to be careful with strangers offering to change currency or treat themselves to a drink. The British were reminded that a variety of street robberies “are commonplace in major tourist areas,” and often it’s not just pickpockets. Tourists were urged to beware of strangers offering them a walk to a restaurant or nightclub, and actively treating them there. “Dangerous additives may be added to them,” tourists were warned. “Buy drinks yourself and always keep an eye on them,” British tourists were told.

The topic of drinks was also continued by a warning about burnt alcohol. According to the British Foreign Ministry, “in a small number of cases” fake branded bottles of alcohol caused the death of tourists. So they are advised to be careful with alcohol, especially suspiciously cheap. Tourists were also advised to “keep an eye on their personal belongings and make sure that they are always safe.”


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