Sber announced the redistribution of shares of the Far Eastern and IT mortgages

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The targeted program for IT specialists has bypassed the regional program in terms of the share of disbursements

 «Сбер» сообщил о перераспределении долей дальневосточной и IT-ипотеки

The preferential Mortgage for IT program has overtaken the Far Eastern and Arctic Mortgage program in terms of the share of loans, Kirill Tsarev, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank, said during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

In May, the share of the IT program amounted to 3.6% of all Sberbank’s disbursements, Far Eastern and Arctic — 3.2%. In previous months, the ratio remained in favor of the regional program: for example, in April its share was 3.5%, the share of IT mortgages was 1.8%.

In March, it was 2.7% and less than 0.4%, respectively. Domclick analysts recalled that Sberbank resumed issuing IT mortgages on April 5, after which about 4 thousand mortgage loans were issued under this program. “At the same time, if in April the number of issues amounted to a little more than 1 thousand, then in May it was almost 2.8 thousand,” Domklik noted.

After the resumption of disbursements, the most transactions were concluded in five regions: Moscow (839), St. Petersburg (486), Moscow (377) and Sverdlovsk (188) regions, as well as in Tatarstan (137).

Domclick predicts further demand for the program, given that at the end of May borrowers under this program were allowed to combine a preferential loan with a market loan. “On May 21, the terms of the IT mortgage were expanded: now customers have the opportunity to apply for a loan for a large amount,” the analysts recalled. — The amount within the base limit will be issued at a preferential rate of 5%, and the amount above — at the market rate.” The limit on IT mortgages is 18 million rubles in the regions with millions and 9 million rubles. — in other regions. Due to combined programs, these amounts can be increased to 30 million and 15 million rubles, respectively.

The Far Eastern and Arctic Mortgage program also remains in demand, Domclick notes: in April, about 2 thousand loans were issued under it, in May — about 2.5 thousand loans.


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