Sanatorium Lesnaya Polyana, Perm. Prices, reviews

Sanatorium Lesnaya Polyana Perm - Prices, Reviews

Opened in 1981, the Lesnaya Polyana sanatorium belongs to one of the largest enterprises in Perm, the Mashinostroitel plant, and then it was the only departmental health resort in the region where workers improved their health after work and on weekends.

In 2022, the sanatorium was renovated, after which the health resort began to accept not only employees of the plant, but also all comers for rest and treatment.

Location, how to get there

The sanatorium is located in the Motovilikhinsky district of Perm, located in a wooded area. You can get to the sanatorium by car along highway 57K-0028. Employees of the Mashinostroitel plant are delivered to the health resort by official transport according to the schedule.

Санаторий Лесная поляна, Пермь. Цены, отзывы

From the center of Perm, you can get to the sanatorium by bus No. 26, heading to the Motovilikhinsky state farm. It is necessary to walk 2.5 km from the bus stop to the dispensary. Taxi fare in Perm will cost 700 rubles or more.

Medical services

Lesnaya Polyana sanatorium in Perm specializes in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, circulatory system and gastrointestinal tract.

They are engaged in diseases of the nervous system, skin, musculoskeletal system, as well as occupational diseases of factory workers in the sanatorium. Many medical procedures are aimed at general health improvement, increasing immunity.

Treatment begins with a visit to a therapist, who prescribes a set of procedures in accordance with the diagnosis.

The following methods are used in the health resort:

  • hydrotherapy (therapeutic baths, shower treatments);
  • electric lighting treatment;
  • heat treatment (infrared sauna, ozokerite, cedar phyto barrel);
  • inhalations;
  • massage;
  • ozone and aeroionotherapy;
  • speleotherapy;
  • therapeutic mud;
  • detensor therapy.

Санаторий Лесная поляна, Пермь. Цены, отзывы

Color and aerophytotherapy are used as psychological relief. In the phytobar, vacationers are offered herbal teas, oxygen cocktails, mineral water from Suksun springs.

Physical therapy classes are held in the gym and outdoors. Programs have been prepared for children, adults and mixed (family) groups.


The Lesnaya Polyana sanatorium in Perm has a 3-storey building, which houses a medical department and a room fund. There is no elevator in the building.

The room fund consists of 64 rooms of 2 categories (Standard and Suite), designed for simultaneous accommodation of 100 people. The interiors are decorated in a calm style. The floor is covered with laminate, there are thick blackout curtains on the windows. Additional lighting is provided by wall lamps.

The rooms have everything for comfortable accommodation of guests:

  • beds;
  • bedside tables;
  • wardrobe;
  • Desktop.

Vacationers are provided with a choice of beds – it can be 1 double bed or 2 single beds. The rooms of all categories have a TV, refrigerators are supplied only in the Suites.

Санаторий Лесная поляна, Пермь. Цены, отзывы

The Standard area is 12 m2. Rooms of this category consist of 1 room, an entrance hall with a hanger and a shoe shelf, a toilet room. The room has an exit to the balcony, where a dryer is installed. The room can accommodate 1-2 people.

The 30 m2 Luxury rooms consist of 2 isolated rooms: the bedroom can accommodate 2 single beds or 1 double bed, the living room has a set of upholstered furniture, a pull–out sofa serves as an additional sleeping place. There is an entrance hall and a toilet room with a shower cabin. The room is designed for 2-4 people.

Rules and procedures of accommodation

The sanatorium serves vacationers around the clock. Check-in starts at noon, check-out is made before 10 a.m. after breakfast is provided.

The health resort accepts parents with children aged 3 years and older.

Pets are not allowed in the sanatorium. If vacationers invite guests to the health resort, they must leave the territory before 22 hours. Smoking is prohibited in residential areas and public areas, there are specially designated places for this.

The concept of nutrition

Vacationers are offered 6 meals a day on a customized menu, some dishes are served in a buffet format.

The dining room is located on the 1st floor, where guests of the health resort are invited according to a schedule in 2 shifts:

  • Breakfast starts at 6.30 am and lasts until 9 am.;
  • at 11 a.m. – second breakfast;
  • from 1 p.m. – lunch;
  • from 4.30 p.m. – afternoon tea;
  • dinner starts at 7 p.m., it takes 1 hour.;
  • the second dinner is invited from 9.30 pm.

Санаторий Лесная поляна, Пермь. Цены, отзывы

The menu of the Lesnaya Polyana dispensary offers a variety of dishes made from fresh farm products. The assortment includes cottage cheese and meat dishes, porridges, soups and side dishes. Fresh pastries, compotes, and jelly are prepared for afternoon tea. Kefir is served as a second dinner.

When leaving for a day trip, vacationers are provided with a dry ration.

Other infrastructure

The Lesnaya Polyana sanatorium in Perm provides vacationers with Internet access, wi-fi works in public areas of the health resort. Ironing facilities can be obtained from the receptionist on duty. All year round, there is a library for vacationers, which has fiction, including children’s literature, fresh newspapers and magazines.

A terminal for payment of services is installed in the building. Sports equipment rental is available in winter. There is a car park on site.

The sanatorium has a cosmetology salon, which offers a variety of facial, neck, and decollete treatments.

Salon specialists conduct massage sessions, use hardware techniques:

  • ultraphonophoresis;
  • ultrasonic cleaning;
  • hardware massage.

The sanatorium has 2 banquet halls. The small hall accommodates up to 40 guests, and the large hall accommodates up to 100. Multimedia equipment is provided for seminars, banquets and conferences.

Entertainment and recreation

The sanatorium is located far from the industrial center of Perm and is surrounded by a pine forest, so one of the advantages of the dispensary is clean air and silence. The health resort strives to make the rest of the guests as intense and interesting as possible.

For adults

Walking paths have been made along the pine forest surrounding the sanatorium, on which there are benches for recreation. Starting from the summer days and until the end of autumn, residents of the sanatorium collect berries and mushrooms in the forest and go fishing. In winter, you can walk through the forest on skis along a paved ski slope, an ice rink is poured on the territory.

There is a park around the residential building, in the warm season it is decorated with flower beds and lawns, a fountain works. The ornamental pond is home to ducks and fish. There are gazebos in the park where you can have picnics and cook kebabs (the administrator will provide a grill and a barbecue).

Since there is no swimming pool in the boarding house, those who wish are taken in an organized manner to a sports complex with a swimming pool and sauna.

On the territory of the health resort of the Mashinostroitel plant, sports grounds for playing basketball and volleyball are made, there is a tennis court. There is a ping-pong table in the indoor hall, and you can play billiards. In bad weather, vacationers work out in a special gym on the 2nd floor, where physical therapy classes are also held.

The Lesnaya Polyana medical boarding house offers a diverse program of recreation and entertainment. Musical events are held weekly in the concert hall, which is located on the 2nd floor, and professional artists are invited to them.

Санаторий Лесная поляна, Пермь. Цены, отзывы

Parking is available on the territory of the Lesnaya Polyana sanatorium in Perm

There are also magic tricks and soap bubbles shows, karaoke. A disco is held once a week in the sanatorium. At the master classes, vacationers paint, do modeling, and learn dancing.

For children

The Lesnaya Polyana sanatorium in Perm is designed for a family stay, therefore, entertainment and exciting activities are provided for children. There are games, toys, and stationery in the children’s playroom, and children stay under the supervision of a caregiver while their parents undergo medical procedures.

A variety of activities are held daily in the sanatorium for children:

  • talent contests;
  • quests;
  • master classes;
  • interactive games;
  • laser tag.

Санаторий Лесная поляна, Пермь. Цены, отзывы

Films and cartoons are shown to the children every day. At sports competitions in volleyball, yard games, badminton and basketball, children can demonstrate their skills.

A playground with swings, a sandbox, and a carousel has been made for kids. There is a playground nearby where children can learn the rules of the road.

Attractions and excursions

The lands on the banks of the Kama River, where Perm would later appear, first belonged to the Stroganov merchant family. In 1723, by order of Peter I, a factory was built on the river bank, where silver and copper were smelted – this event marked the beginning of the history of Perm.

Perm is now a major industrial and cultural center in the Urals. In the historical center of Perm, on the left bank of the Kama River, there are samples of many architectural styles of pre-revolutionary and Soviet Russia, from classicism to Art Nouveau and the Stalinist Empire.

Tourists usually go for a walk along the embankment, which stretches for 2.5 km along the Kama River. The embankment is decorated with a variety of art objects and sculptures, festivals and shows are held here, you can go on a river boat trip.

Санаторий Лесная поляна, Пермь. Цены, отзывы

More than 10 museums have been opened in Perm, the largest of them is an Art Gallery, where an exposition with temple wooden sculptures of the XVII–XIX centuries, icons and paintings by such masters as Serov, Repin, Savrasov, Levitan is presented.

The Museum of Local lore houses about 50 collections, including unique bronze specimens of animal style, created in the VI–XII centuries. Exhibitions of works by contemporary artists are held in Perm art galleries. The city has a planetarium, a zoo, and 4 theaters. You can see samples of the flora of the Urals in the Botanical Garden.

Excursion trips to Perm are not organized from the sanatorium “Lesnaya Polyana”. Those who wish can go to Perm on their own, on this day the administrator on duty will provide vacationers with dry rations.

The cost and booking of vouchers

Lesnaya Polyana Sanatorium, located in Perm, offers several treatment and recreation options:

  • the general therapeutic program includes accommodation, meals, medical procedures for a period of 14-21 days;
  • The treatment program for cardiovascular diseases, joints, and diabetes mellitus is designed for the same period;
  • the wellness program aimed at improving vitality lasts from 3 days;
  • the course for a period of 5 days or more includes accommodation, a medical program and meals of the chosen type (all inclusive, with lunch or dinner);
  • The weekend program includes accommodation for 2 days and includes meals.

Санаторий Лесная поляна, Пермь. Цены, отзывы

The sanatorium offers special vouchers for women with children and pensioners. The cost is determined by the type of voucher and the selected room category. Prices for rest and treatment at the Lesnaya Polyana dispensary vary by season.

The price per day for 1 person is:

Room category Time period/price, rub.
November-May June-August September-November
General therapeutic program
1-local Standard 3800 4000 4200
2-bed Standard 3100 3300 3500
Luxury 4300 4500 4700
A treatment program for joint diseases, strengthening the immune system
1-local Standard 3400 3600 3100
2-bed Standard 2700 2900 3800
Luxury 3900 4100 4300
Treatment program for diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases
1-local Standard 4300 4500 4700
2-bed Standard 3600 3800 4000
Luxury 4600 4800 5000
1-local Standard 3500 3400 3600
2-bed Standard 3200 2700 2900
Luxury 3700 3900 4100

The sanatorium has prepared specialized wellness programs.

The day tour for pensioners includes:

  • physical therapy classes;
  • visiting the speleocamera;
  • inhalations;
  • visit to the psychologist’s office;
  • art therapy;
  • master classes.

The tour for pensioners is designed for a day stay (from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.), while lunch and bus delivery are provided. The cost of 1 day is 500 rubles., Such a wellness program is designed for 5-10 days and is carried out only on weekdays.

The weekend (holiday) day program is designed for those who want to spend Saturday and Sunday in a sanatorium. The 2-day program includes accommodation, meals and a minimum number of wellness treatments (speleocamera, massage, phytobar).

The price of the tour per day is 2850 rubles for an adult and 2565-2700 rubles for a child 3-18 years old when placed in the main place.

Санаторий Лесная поляна, Пермь. Цены, отзывы

A Mother and Child program has been developed specifically for women with children, including therapeutic procedures for women and children. In a Standard room, a day’s stay will cost an adult 3,100 rubles, a child 3-18 years old in the main place 2,480- 2,790 rubles. In the Suite, the daily ticket price for an adult will be 4,300 rubles, for a child – 3440-3870 rubles.

In the sanatorium “Lesnaya Polyana” you can only pay for accommodation, in this case, you need to pay from 2,200 to 4,000 rubles per day, depending on the room category. The sanatorium provides an opportunity to additionally pay for meals, in this case the cost of breakfast is 250 rubles, lunch 450 rubles, afternoon tea 150 rubles and dinner 350 rubles.

Employees of the enterprise are provided with discounts on a voucher of 10-25%, trade union members receive additional discounts. During the holidays, summer holidays are organized for the children of the employees of the Mashinostroitel plant: parents can purchase vouchers for children’s health improvement for 1 or 2 shifts at a discounted price.


The Perm sanatorium-resort institution Lesnaya Polyana is located on Vostochny Bypass Street, 100. The phone numbers of the booking service are +7 (342) 294-08-08 and +34 (229) 40-80-82-62-99, the marketing department 8-800-700-56-73, 8 (8793)40-56-73. To clarify the details and get information, please contact WhatsApp 8-906-462-74-10.

The health resort has an official website and is represented on social networks. You can contact the administration by sending an email or using the feedback form on the website.

The Lesnaya Polyana sanatorium is one of the few sanatorium-resort facilities in Perm owned by the company. Although priority in the sale of vouchers is given to employees of the Mashinostroitel plant, but everyone can spend time in the health resort, relax and receive a range of medical services.

Video about the sanatorium


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