Russia has named a possible cause of the crash of the Raisi helicopter

Possible cause of helicopter crash in Russia - mechanical failure.

Pilot Zabolotsky called the pilot’s mistake the reason for the crash of the Raisi helicopter

В России назвали возможную причину падения вертолета Раиси

Photograph: Ali Hamed Haghdoust/IRNA/WANA / Reuters

The reason for the crash of the helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi could be a pilot error. Victor Zabolotsky, an Honored test pilot of the USSR, told Izvestia about this in an interview.

In his opinion, the flight rules were violated in conditions of poor visibility and weather conditions. He noted that the helicopter for the head of state should have been retrofitted with the necessary systems capable of controlling altitude and terrain. In addition, Zabolotsky drew attention to the fact that the other two helicopters reached their destination safely.

Earlier, the honored military pilot, Major General in reserve Vladimir Popov, suggested that the helicopter of the Iranian president could have fallen due to technical problems and adverse weather conditions. The expert recalled that Iran is under Western sanctions, and despite the good equipment, the Bell helicopter was not the latest model. “Most likely, there was a confluence of adverse circumstances,” he said.


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