Real estate on the first line: is it worth buying an apartment by the sea

Недвижимость на первой линии: стоит ли покупать квартиру у моря

Perhaps, the dream of many is to wake up in the morning, look out the window and understand — here it is — happiness. And then pack a beach bag and in a couple of minutes you will be at the sea. But is the game worth the candle?

In this article, we will tell you honestly about the advantages and disadvantages of real estate on the first line.

Advantages of housing on the first line

  • Convenience. Owning an apartment on the beach, you will not have to puzzle over the questions “how to get to the sea”, “where to leave things”, “where to have a snack” and so on. A few minutes and you’re home.
  • Improves health. It has been scientifically proven that living near water is beneficial. Aerotherapy, bathing in salt water and sunlight have a positive effect on health not only physically, but also mentally. There is a charge of energy and inspiration for creativity.
  • Beautiful views. There’s nothing to talk about! Meeting sunrises and seeing off sunsets by taking photos on Instagram — isn’t this a fairy tale?
  • A liquid investment. An apartment on the first coastline will be a decisive factor for tourists. It won’t take long to find tenants. In addition, it will be possible to rent real estate several times more expensive. An object by the sea is profitable.
  • And now to the cons, which are rarely talked about, but we want to be honest

  • High humidity and sand. Humidity is a plus for health, but a minus for furniture and the apartment as a whole. Over time, an unpleasant odor and even mold may appear in the housing. There is a way out: you can install a climate control system that will work continuously + frequent ventilation.
    If the beach is sandy, then its particles will safely stay in your apartment on a permanent basis. The solution is a robot vacuum cleaner.
  • The tourist season. For those who like to be in the center of events, tourists will not hurt. But for those who dream of tranquility, reading books in the evenings and relaxation, the season of influx of vacationers is unlikely to suit. The beaches will be filled with people who make a lot of noise.
  • Insurance expenses. Real estate on the first line carries certain risks due to floods, strong winds and hurricanes. For example, this rarely happens in Alanya and Antalya, but there is always a risk, so housing must be insured at higher rates.
  • The choice is always yours. It is better to talk to potential future neighbors before buying. Think about what is more important for you — to get to the sea quickly or still keep the furniture for a longer period?

    Most importantly, decide on the purpose of the purchase: you will live in the apartment all year round or plan to rent it out.


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