Pegasus is holding a sale of air tickets with a discount of up to 40 percent

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Pegasus проводит распродажу авиабилетов со скидкой до 40 процентов

The Turkish budget airline Pegasus Airlines is holding a sale of air tickets, discounts on this promotion reach 40 percent excluding taxes.

Discounted tickets can be purchased from May 3 to May 5, 2024, and travel on them from May 13 to June 9, 2024. The discounts can be used by subscribers of the loyalty program of this airline, which is called BolBol. The cost of air tickets with the applied discount can be seen by logging into the personal account of the program: you need to enter the date and direction of travel, then go to the payment stage and click the button “40 percent discount on selected international flights!” Passengers who are not members of the program can register and immediately participate in the sale. This promotion does not apply to tickets for children under 2 years of age.

The promotion is valid only on direct flights operated by Pegasus. Joint flights with other airlines are excluded from the campaign. The special offer applies to flights from Turkey to other countries and back, for example, flights on routes such as Istanbul – Osh (Kyrgyzstan), Istanbul – Abu Dhabi (UAE), Istanbul – Alexandria (Egypt), Istanbul – Hurghada (Egypt), Istanbul – Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt), Istanbul – Doha (Qatar), Antalya – Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Antalya – Tbilisi (Georgia), Izmir – Baku (Azerbaijan) and others.


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