Moscow took the first place in the inaccessibility of housing on a preferential mortgage

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At the moment, only one lot out of ten can be purchased in the capital with the help of preferential mortgage programs with state support

 Москва заняла первое место по недоступности жилья по льготной ипотеке

Moscow took the first place among the million-plus cities in terms of the smallest share of apartments in the market of new buildings that can be purchased with the help of mortgage programs with state support. 10% (5.2 thousand lots) of housing in new buildings are available under preferential programs, according to the research received by the editorial office “CIAN.Analysts”.

After tightening the conditions for a preferential mortgage — the loan amount is limited to 6 million rubles, and the minimum initial payment is 30% — apartments worth up to 8.5 million rubles are suitable for these criteria, the CIAN explains.

In such a budget, about 5.2 thousand options are put up for sale in Moscow, or about 10% of the total active supply, the study says. “These are mainly lots in the residential complex of New Moscow, most of the offer is studios,” analysts explain. — There are few lots suitable for the program, there are also in Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod, where, as a result of the price increase, the limit is 6 million rubles. it is no longer enough to purchase comfortable housing.”

Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod took the second and third places in the CIAN rating, respectively. In Kazan, according to analysts, 21% (1.5 thousand) of apartments on the primary market can be purchased with the help of state-subsidized programs. In Nizhny Novgorod, 32% of the offer (600 lots) falls under the conditions.

The top five also included St. Petersburg (48%, 13.4 thousand lots) and Krasnoyarsk (54%, 3.5 thousand lots).

The largest share of objects — 83% — in the total exposition is suitable for the new conditions of preferential mortgages in Voronezh (3 thousand lots) and Samara (2.7 thousand lots).

The rating of millionaires for the lowest share of affordable housing on a preferential mortgage

City The number of apartments that can be purchased on a preferential mortgage, thousand units A share of the total active offer of apartments
Moscow 5,2 10%
Kazan 1,5 21%
Nizhniy Novgorod 0,6 32%
Saint-Petersburg 13,4 48%
Krasnoyarsk 3,5 54%
Krasnodar 16 56%
Ufa 1,8 68%
Omsk 0,6 69%
Ekaterinburg 10,5 70%
Novosibirsk 4,7 70%
Chelyabinsk 1,2 71%
Perm 2,3 75%
Rostov-on-Don 8,8 77%
Volgograd 1,9 81%
Samara 2,7 83%
Voronezh 3 83%

Data: “CYANOGEN.Analytics”

“The cancellation of preferential mortgages and the adjustment of the conditions of the family program may lead to a short—term increase in demand before July 1, although we do not expect records in the market, since high requirements for the size of the initial payment cut off many potential buyers,” explained the expert of CIAN.Analysts” Elena Lapshina.

Domclick analysts have already noted the activation of borrowers under preferential programs — according to their statistics, in April, for the first time since the beginning of the year, the share of state programs exceeded half of all Sberbank’s disbursements and amounted to 53%. Demand for market mortgages remains subdued in both the primary and secondary markets, analysts said.

“The consistently high key interest rate, as well as the ongoing tightening of requirements for borrowers, remain key factors hindering the recovery of demand,” commented Domclick. — As for the Moscow secondary housing market, the situation is similar here. We note both a decrease in the number of transactions (April 2024 to April 2023) and a decrease in the share of secondary housing in the total number of loans.”

According to Domclick, the list of regions in which the most mortgages were issued under state programs in March 2024 was headed by the Moscow Region (1.59 million), Krasnodar Territory (1.29 million) and Tyumen Region (941 thousand). The leading regions also included the Republic of Bashkortostan (928 thousand), Moscow (899 thousand), St. Petersburg (877 thousand), the Republic of Tatarstan (820 thousand), Sverdlovsk (715 thousand) and Chelyabinsk (450 thousand) regions.


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