Kirkorov’s little son went to earn money

Маленький сын Киркорова пошел зарабатывать деньги

The children of the famous pop king have shown their ambition and determination since early childhood. I was especially impressed by little Martin, who certainly has a strong sense of creating images. At the age of just 11, the boy decided to hold his own show of the first collection of clothes and … incredibly, his father supported him in this endeavor! The star dad hired a whole team of assistants to help him realize his ambitious idea, popcake reports.

Design professionals joined the child to help, but they entrusted him with the main work, believing that it was he who should put the most effort and creative ideas so that the show would become a clear achievement of Martin. Everything went well, the boy was satisfied, because the event was attended by the star elite. Adult women and men, uncles and aunts, appreciated the work of this young talent.

But why did Martin decide to start a serious project so early? It turns out that the boy was guided by the advice of his sister Alla-Victoria, who was confident in his success. Kirkorov could not miss this moment of family unity and allowed his beloved heirs to do whatever they wished. Internet users write that you can only dream of such a childhood for yourself! Thus, Martin was able to earn not only respect from his father’s colleagues, but also significant amounts of money.


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