June 27 — round table “Steady growth: why do building materials continue to rise in price?”

Over the past four years, building materials have increased in price by an average of 70%, and by the peak season, the growth may reach 90%. The most noticeable increase in prices was for the main items — gas blocks, thermal and hydro insulation, reinforcement, concrete. In the summer, when construction on the residential housing market becomes more active, prices rise even higher. We will discuss what is happening on the building materials market at the beginning of summer at a round table.

We invite you to discuss the following issues at the round table:

    Why are building materials becoming more expensive? What factors influence the growth of their value, which can be called predictable, and which arise suddenly? How have international events, economic sanctions and natural disasters affected the cost and availability of materials? What types of building materials are becoming more expensive the most and why? How has the recent price increase affected the cost of construction and the price of housing? Have there been cases when the project had to be stopped or postponed due to the high cost of materials? Which building materials are in the highest demand today and why? What measures are developers taking to adapt to rising material prices? Do you use alternative materials or technologies to reduce costs? How has your strategy of interaction with suppliers changed in the face of rising prices? Have you managed to negotiate long-term contracts or other measures to stabilize prices? What innovations and technologies, new approaches to production can make building materials more affordable? How does the trend towards import substitution affect the cost of building materials? What domestic analogues can be called a successful replacement? What measures of state support, in your opinion, could help businesses in the face of rising prices for building materials? Do you think that additional regulatory or subsidy measures should be introduced in this sector? Do you expect prices to stabilize or rise further, and what factors may affect this?

Developers, manufacturers and sellers of building materials, experts and market analysts are invited to participate in the round table.

According to the results of the round table, publication on the website is planned

The round table will be held at 16:00 on June 27, 2024

If you have any questions about participation, please contact:

Olga Karpus, +7(921) 902-69-91, ok@fontanka.ru

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