Housing is getting more expensive due to the greed of developers

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Жилье дорожает из-за жадности застройщиков

From July 1, preferential and family mortgages are announced by kirdyk. I mean, they’re running out.

The government, which is suffering for the people, no longer wants to invest huge amounts of money in these mortgages, and Nabiullina’s employees from the Central Bank are even more against it. Some experts predict a sharp rise in housing prices, others – quite the opposite.

Such abrupt movements of the state in established markets bring with them unpredictable cataclysms. Many of those who have been putting honestly earned bills under the mattress for years in order to get at least some kind of shack, risk “counting and crying.”

Russians are concerned: why are housing prices jumping so much? Since the beginning of the year alone, their growth has been 4%. And some “odnushka”, which 10 years ago cost a “pathetic” 5-6 million rubles, today pulls in all 10 million! It is unlikely that the current reform managers remember that just over 30 years ago housing in the Soviet Union was, as a rule, free and rented to citizens for indefinite social hiring.

What has happened since then? What achievements of civilization have enriched our society? The history of the Russian real estate market began in 1991-1992. It was at this time, when the country was moving from the Soviet system to the capitalist one, that the law on privatization began to work.

Of course, some commercial instruments resembling civilized property rights also worked in the USSR. For example, when purchasing so-called cooperative apartments, as well as houses in villages. However, the authorities were strictly vigilant and did not allow burrowing: as soon as someone got a second or third house or bought a couple more cooperative nests, he immediately found himself in the sphere of attention of law enforcement agencies. Now this rule does not apply to citizens living beyond their means.

At the same time, with liberal privatization, pathological greed flourished in the country. The developers realized that a roof over their heads is almost the main dream of a citizen, and threw away all bounds of decency.

Several other factors also worked. Along with the appearance of extra money among the population, the problem arose where to store it so that it would not burn up in the fire of inflation. Banks are a dubious thing, and at first crooks and crooks got into bankers. And in this situation, real estate was the lifeline. The reliability of investments is most appreciated during periods of crisis, and in Russia for 30 years there have been continuous crises provoked by the same wayward reformers.

That’s why the roof over your head is constantly getting more expensive.

Pavel Maksimov.

Photo: Pixabay.com


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