Evening Novostroy: sagging mortgage activity, preferential program for teachers, cheaper Moscow comfort and St. Petersburg tenants with pets

Mortgage activity of Russians fell by 70% in a month. A working group under the Ministry of Education wants to launch a preferential mortgage for teachers, while pointing out the lack of money. The capital’s new comfort-class buildings fell in price in February to 15 million rubles. In St. Petersburg, a pet lives with every sixth tenant of an apartment. Read about these and other news in the digest from March 5.

Вечерний Novostroy: просевшая ипотечная активность, льготная программа для учителей, подешевевший московский «комфорт» и петербургские арендаторы с питомцами

Sagging mortgage activity. In January, mortgage lending in the country fell by 70%, and the number of loans decreased by 66% by December. Such data was shared by the United Credit Bureau (OKB).

“In January of this year, only 80.18 thousand mortgage loans worth 318.38 billion rubles were issued, in December last year – 239.12 thousand loans worth 1.07 trillion rubles. From a historical peak in December 2023 of 4.46 million rubles, the average check for new mortgage loans fell to the level of mid-summer last year and amounted to 3.97 million rubles in January 2024: minus 11% per month. On an annual basis, the volume of mortgage loans decreased by 12%, and the number of loans decreased by 18%. In January 2023, 98.33 thousand loans worth 361.73 billion rubles were issued. The average mortgage receipt increased by 8% over the year: from 3.68 million rubles,” the Design Bureau said.

Analysts also told about the top five regions in terms of mortgage lending in January 2024, which were Moscow and its region, St. Petersburg, Tatarstan and Krasnodar Territory.

Teacher’s mortgage. A working group under the Ministry of Education is considering the possibility of launching a preferential mortgage for teachers. Among the options that the agency will analyze with representatives of the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development is a housing loan at 2% for up to 30 years.

The Ministry of Education promised to submit a report on the development of a new program with state support to the government of the Russian Federation by November 1 this year. At the same time, the department complains that currently the federal budget for 2023-2025 does not provide additional financing sources.

The cheaper Moscow comfort. The capital’s new comfort-class buildings fell in price in February to 15 million rubles. This is 1.6% less than in January, but +16.2% for the year – told NDV Real Estate Supermarket.

The most budget-friendly “primary” comfort class for this day is offered in ZelAO – 10.3 million rubles. The most expensive options are in the Central Administrative District, where the average lot price is 19.3 million.

St. Petersburg tenants with pets. Every sixth tenant in St. Petersburg lives with a pet. This follows from the card developed by the Yandex Rent service with pets, including exotic animals.

Cat owners are found in 76% of cases in the Central district. Vasileostrovsky and Pushkinsky districts are on the second and third lines, where the share of cat lovers is 69 and 68%, respectively. Less often than others, or in 48% of cases, cats are brought by tenants from the Kalininsky district.

Dog walkers settle mainly in the Primorsky district – analysts counted 35% of such tenants in this location. Many dog lovers are also found in Krasnoselsky and Nevsky districts – 34% each.

As a location with two types of pets at once, the Admiralteysky district is in the lead – 12% of residents with animals have both a cat and a dog here. Kalininsky district, in turn, holds the lead in the number of lovers of unusual pets – 28% of tenants get rats, hamsters, parrots and exotic animals.

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