Countries with minimum conditions for obtaining a residence permit in 2023

Страны с минимальными условиями для получения ВНЖ в 2023 г.

To date, there are several countries that are ready to accept Russian citizens on various grounds. Let’s look at the most popular among Russians: let’s talk about everyone’s favorite Turkey, Cyprus, Northern Cyprus (TRNC), the UAE and Serbia — countries where it is easy to get a residence permit or permanent residence.


In Turkey, it is not difficult to obtain a residence permit for the purchase of real estate. Conditions for a residence permit for the purchase of real estate:

  • it is necessary to purchase an object in the amount of 50 thousand or 75 thousand dollars, depending on the region;
  • the icamete is issued for 1-2 years with the right to extend;
  • after 5 years of residence, you have the right to apply for citizenship;
  • The paperwork will take from two months.
  • Cyprus

    On May 2, 2023, new conditions came into force in Cyprus to obtain permanent residence for the whole family:

  • to buy a property for living in a new building worth from 250 thousand €;
  • the minimum annual income should be 50 thousand euros;
  • if there is a spouse +15 thousand. € to a minimum if there are minor children + 10 thousand €.
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

    TRNC is a partially recognized state where it is also possible to obtain a residence permit. Conditions:

  • buying a property for any price (there is no threshold);
  • or a residence permit on the basis of a long-term lease;
  • a residence permit is issued for a period of 1 year with the right to extend.
  • United Arab Emirates

    The UAE is among the top countries where the largest number of Russian citizens have arrived for a residence permit and PERMANENT residence in 2022

    It is not difficult to get here, the Emirates provide a wide list of reasons: official employment, freelance, real estate investments, university studies, the status of a wealthy pensioner.

    Recall the conditions for obtaining a residence permit based on the purchase of real estate:

  • A visa for a period of 2 years with the right of unlimited extension will be issued when buying an object worth from $ 204 thousand. The main thing is that you remain the owner of the property all this time.
  • A visa for a period of 10 years can be obtained if you have purchased a property worth from $ 545 thousand. It is important that you will have to pay for the purchase immediately and independently without any loans. An expat has the right to sell the property after 3 years.
  • Serbia

    Let’s list the reasons for moving: investments in real estate for your own residence for any amount, entrepreneurial activity, marriage registration, official employment.

  • It is easy to get a residence permit in Serbia, it is also easy to get permanent residence. Having lived legally in the country for more than five years, the applicant has the right to apply for permanent residence.
  • The most common reasons are buying real estate and getting a job at a local company. The paperwork takes up to 60 days. The visa period is 1 year with the right to extend.
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