Beaches have been closed on the southern coast of Crimea

Sunny beach on the south coast of Crimea with closed beaches.

Yalta Mayor Pavlenko: beaches were closed on the southern coast of Crimea due to a communal accident

На южном берегу Крыма закрыли пляжи

Photo: Unsplash

Yalta Mayor Yanina Pavlenko said that beaches were temporarily closed for swimming on the southern coast of Crimea — from Oreanda to Foros. She announced this in her Telegram channel.

Pavlenko said that the beaches will be closed due to a communal accident.

“Due to the accident, a temporary ban on swimming on beaches from Oreanda to Foros has been introduced. Upon completion of emergency recovery work (estimated date is tomorrow) and analysis of water samples, the beaches will be open,” she warned.

In addition, due to an accident at the collector and emergency recovery work, the water supply to a number of settlements has been suspended. Among them are Oreanda, Kurpaty, Gaspra, Stroygorodok, Mishor, Koreiz and Alupka. Water is brought to these settlements.

Previously, the beaches of the Russian resort of Kabardinka, Krasnodar Territory, crowded with tourists, were caught on video. The recording shows that there is almost no place left for tourists on the shore.


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